Monday, June 16, 2008

Wahey! Another post :)

Hello everyone! Trying to get the blogging going again thanks to encouragement from many angles - Im aiming for once a week haha.
So, above is a memory sketch I did of a little old lady I saw on my way to work. She was fairly far away so I didn't see the details, but I noticed her absorbed in what I think was her scratch cards. She had a huge jacket on and a rather large bag, though I think I exaggerated those a little heh heh.

Below is a digi-sketch I did a while back - it was an experiment in using The Gimp, a free photo manipulation package. Interface issues aside, its an awesome program for painting in. And its free!

Aye, anyhoo, nothing too exciting. More stuff comin soon though! Thanks to everyone who visits and for the kind words. I should say, critiques are always welcome here too. Cheers!!

Ken :D


Jinny Liang said...

I love the memory sketch!!

Miss Piggy Lass said...

Wow! Good to know ur bucking up ahaha.....I like the first sketch! Nice colour! Sorry I have been busy so drained from training and medicals and all that....Miss you lots :(....keep posting!! love xxx

Joern said...

Yes, the grandma is super.
What about Gimp? I tried it and i think it's ... different to Ps and stoped working with. You say it works? Mmmh, so i try again ...

Alina Chau said...

Very cool painitngs!! Your drawing below are beautfiul!

messytimbo said...

yeah your right, nothing too exciting... just kidding! these are great man, that old lady is super! i really like her steeze.

and that dudes pects are ripped! you can really build that form, i envy you! no doubt you was using your own pects for reference? :)

i'm be back next week for yet another post then!

RAWLS said...

Nice dude!

Laurent Lavaill said...

Very nice Mémé

Mirella said...

amazing works, I love^^

milkyteets said...

i took a huge break too, lol... hope you stick around; great stuff man!

Alex "Toon" Deligiannis said...

So nice, I really dig your stuff.

A_M said...

hi Ken!

Thank you for being passed by my blog...
I hope that will have appreciated my stuff!

What to say of these two posts???
Very interesting, but what is The gimp? A digital color software??
Don't I know this program, is it valid?

See you soon

~Shannon~ said...

Wow! Just stumbled across your blog, your work is amazing! Love the paintings especially! You are very talented.

Ken said...

Jinny Liang: Thanks Jinny glad ya like it :D

Miss Piggy Lass: haha bucking up? Ya think so? Cheek! thanks. And no worries haha. I know your busy, high flying around the world in luxury! Hard work eh??? Miss you too, talk soon ;) love xxx

Joern: Thanks dude! Yeh the Gimp man! It is different to PS - I mean interface. It probably isnt as good as PS, but it is free, and I think its well worth the price. haha. Seriously - it is a great program!

Alina Chau: Thanks Alina! Much appreciated

MessyTimbo: haha thanks dude! I wonder though, what is a steeze????? Thanks for the kind words. yeh for sure, I always model the muscles on my own hahaha. cough.

Rawls: Cheers!

Laurent Lavaill: Merci Beaucoup! Thanks for visiting :D

Mirella: I am glad you enjoy my work :D

Milkyteets: Nothing wrong with a break! Will be here a while haha

Alex "toon" deligiannis: Thanks for that mate cheers for visiting!

a_m: No worries! Yeh I appreciated your stuff :) What is the Gimp? It is an opensource digital photo manipulation program, and is very good! :D

Shannon: Thankyou for the kind words! Much appreciated :D

Alex "Toon" Deligiannis said...

So sorry to hear you won't make it to 'Con man (my favorite time of the year!) Stuff looks great, as usual... so inspiring!

Fabio Lai said...

Hello Kenneth
the old lady is simply great! I love the character design and the soft colours.