Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Qwik Sketch

Hello! This is a quick sketch I did of my mate and colleague Mr Wesley Louis
I was gonna colour it but I decided I liked some of the lines. Not all of them. The head could be way better. But hey... 2 minute sketch when I should be inbetweening heh heh! Ill let myself off.

Also, the other day my favourite animated films of all time were on TV, Wallace and Gromit! So in their honour I am sharing my favourite animation sequence in animation history haha enjoy :D

Thanks to all you cool people out there who drop by, its always appreciated.

Ken :D


Mitch K said...

Hey, you're still around! I really dig that dragon down there. Your art is great.

RAWLS said...

Yea...thats a super great scene! instant classic. Nice sketch bro...where is Wesley these days anyway? no post from him in months.

Joern said...

Niiiice. With the bit of white light it looks cool. So libra Bear is your Teammate!?

louis Thomas said...

thanks for comment..
your blog is full of great designs!!
i really like this baby dragon!

GhettoFab said...

hehe great sketch Ken! Love seeing peoples sketchy stuff!

And thanks for the reminder of the wallace and gromit. That was the first show that I saw that turned me on to them.

Evan Bonifacio said...

Duuuude! You just keep getting better and better! that dragon post below kills it!

Good to see you still grindin!

benjatoon studio said...

nice work man!

Rodrigo Lara said...

Very good painting and drawings, always come back here!!!!


Christina Dee said...

is he linetesting? I hate linetesting so much lol >_<
I'm really digging the pants, the way you did the folds is perfect! really like the chair too, those chairs are a bitch to draw haha.

Lakshmi said...

love that dragon..quite colourful and grumpy ..

kencoogan said...

Lovely sketch Ken! Fine just the way it is!! :)

!LEON! said...

2 minute sketch, thats pretty good! I love the posture.

Charles Goatley said...

Cool sketch for 2 mins. Would take me 2 hours to do something like that. Did he know he was being drawn? You should draw a pic on Wallace and/or Gromit... Or perhaps Feathers McGraw might suit your style better! I'd love to see that done by you.

Dan szilagyi said...

Mate this post is great, i'm a bit late as usual to say that the last two are amazing as well, i have to say your hair style there is fairly close to mine at times :)
As always its great to see you stop by, i like this post not being in color, it'd be cool to see more stuff like this on here as well, just fast loose work :)

Take care


LornaSmithStudio said...

Hi Ken,
Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog. Hubby, James, loved your filming of you creating Sword girl pt2. Your sketching is lovely...I wish I could sketch like that. I look forward to trailing through your blogs that you have addded to your page. hubby is fae Forfar...we'll wave to you in Dundee next time we are up that way (which is quite often!).
Many thanks

bonaska said...

This scketch is like a full illustration! I like its atmosphere of twilight. That white light from computer and keyboard in the grey are fantastic!


Ben Mcfuzzylugs said...

Lovely sketch, my 2 min works take far longer
And really nice blog, from a local(ish) boy too :o)

Alina Chau said...

Beautiful sketch! My pen test set up at home is similar!

Eric Orchard said...

Great sketch!

Peter Breese said...

Ahhh, I am a massive Wallace and Gromit fan and that darn youtube video is no longer available... how did you find this, I'm interested in you fav sequence?

I dig the image man, I also like the line effect and the color would have detracted from the computer screen effect.

shou' said...

Spyro the Dragon - the main protagonist for an old platformer game series. I believe Alina Chau did some storyboard work for some of the titles.

You can view the company's website for the games here:

And here is a wiki for it:

I think it would be easier if you Googled it; The resemblance is uncanny :D haha. Nice job!

messytimbo said...

you know what, i knew that was Wes even before i read it was him, and thats from a drawing of the back of him hahahahaha

you really have talent for capturing the big guy.

anyway, it's a great drawing, superb infact!

and tell Wes (the post'A'holic) i said hi

S.T. Lewis said...

Hey, man - I hadn't been to your blog in the last couple of months... work's been kind of overwhelming. It's great to see your work again. You do incredible stuff. I especially like the grumpy dragon. Very nice. I'll be back more frequently now. Keep it coming.

Ken said...

Mitch K: Yeh man Im still alive and blogging! Cheers dude!

Rawls: Thanks dude, much appreciated! haha not sure about Wes, he is still drawing, but I dont think he has had much time for blogging recently!

Joern: Thanks dude! Yeh for sure I work with Mr Louis. Strange story... we met through blogging!

Louis Thomas: No worries dude, and thanks for visiting and for the kind words!

Ghettofab: Thanks dude! Yeh I love sketchy stuff too. I might put more of it on here! Im glad you have seen good ol wallace and gromit! Huge fan here :D

Evan Bonifacio: Thanks man that really means a lot! cheers!

Benjatoon studio: Thanks mate! :D

Rodrigo Lara: Thankyou for visiting my blog! Its much appreciated! cheers!

Christina Dee: Yes! He is linetesting haha well spotted. You hate it? why? Actually I am beginning to fear it haha. Thanks for that, I find folds tricky, so glad u dig em. haha I sure showed that chair!

Lakshmi: Thankyou! very grumpy indeediohso!

Kencoogan: Thanks mate! In that case I will leave it haha

Leon: Thanks dude!

Charles Goatley: Thanks dude! Yeh I think he may have been aware of me staring at the back of his head. haha Wallace and Gromit fan art? I dont usually do fanart... but I might make an exception for Wallace and Gromit! If I do, Ill be sure to post it dude :D

Dan Szilagi: Thanks dude, mucho appreciated! haha you got crazy hair too? Im thinking of shaving mine off.... Yeh man, I think Im overdooing the colour digital painting stuff, I think Im gonna do more sketchy stuff! cheers again!

Lornasmithstudio: Hi Lorna! Thanks for the kind words, glad James enjoyed the video! Ach im sure your sketching is superb, your paintings are beautiful! Thanks for dropping by, I hope you enjoy the rest of my artworks, for sure, Ill wave back! Cheers, ken :D

Bonaska: Thanks for the comments! Glad you like, cheers! :D

Ben Mcfuzzylugs: Thanks for the kind words and for dropping in! Wahey! A fellow Scottish blogger :D

Alina Chau: Thanks Alina! I wish I had a linetester :(

Eric Orchard: Thanks! :D

Peter Breeze: Glad to hear your a fellow fan! Wow,.. thats crazy... I wonder what happened to that vid? My favourite bit is the train chase... amazing sequence!!! Yeh your right, Im glad I didnt colour it, I prefer this as a sketch! cheers!

Shou: Haha I see, I will check ol Spiro out! I hope he isnt too similar, or I may get sued hahaha. Honestly hand on heart, I have never heard of Spiro! lol cheers!

Messytimbo: haha wow really? Thats great! Im glad you recognised that haha. Thanks man, yeh I have practice at drawing him. He is one of those few people who dont seem to mind being drawn. Thanks man! I will pass on your hi! He needs a kick up the ass haha

St Lewis: Hey dude, thanks for dropping by! For sure I gathered from your blog that you were flat out at work! Thanks for the kind words, its much appreciated, wow, cheers!

IRene said...

very nice quick sketch!! bamn...I wish I can do that!

milind said...

nice work,like the dragon ...its realieee cool.

Dominic Philibert said...

very nice sketch Kenneth!!!!