Monday, September 15, 2008

Watercolours.... I need a break

Hi everyone, just some little sketches here. Bought a small watercolour set, been experimenting in it, but I still need a lot of practice, not got to grips with it yet.

Anyway, Im gonna take a short break from blogging, not in the right frame of mind at the mo, a lot going on.

Hopefully be back posting sometime in October. Until then, cheers for all the support out there, much appreciated



marcobucci said...

cool man. It's fun to splash watercolour over a sketch, isn't it?
See you after your break.

Peter Breese said...

Fun stuff broheme. Be careful, have been completely addicted to my Koi travel watercolour set for well over 2 years now. What brand are you using and are you happy with it?

Dig the fella with the skull shirt, he must to be the child of Dan Akroyd and Helen Hunt.

RAWLS said...

Well...these are great bro, but do what you gotta do my man! Make every moment of your 'break' worth while.
Don't be gone too long though, I got lots of stuff in the works!

mim said...

nice works dude, have fun in your break! ;)

and then keep her going again, ;)

Charles Goatley said...

Shame about you giving up for a bit, but I'll be eagerly looking forward to your return.

Joern said...

These are funny :). Nice analogue work. Have a good recreation. Greets

Food and Drugs said...

Man, these guys are too real to be true. That faces can be found in every single corner in the world. Even here in Spain there are dudes with that same expression and mood.
Awesome work.
Is that what you get into when you need a break?

CGMarshall said...

You must be at crunch time at work or something.

Hope everything is good.
Your sketches are great man.

I will be looking back in October

Alina Chau said...

These character drawings ROCK!

Sorrentino said...

Yay! Watercolors! Everything is looking mighty good!!

dintoons said...

extremely good facial caricatures, and the skull guy's a blast haha!! looks like one of the long-suffering roman generals in asterix comics!!

do have a great break, i understand completely, it's NEEDED! to dip into the Great Silence and then come back refreshed and inspired... nothing like it! :)
all the best ken!

Barnard Cyrus said...

nice work here on this blog

Dustin A. Foust said...

These look great dude! I really like the watercolor look.

shou' said...

Nice colors for the sketches. See you when you get back!

Jennifer Phillips said...

Watercolor is challenging! Don't give up on it! Look forward to seeing what you do with them upon your return!

Javas said...

mazing as always pal!!

Skid said...

nice sketches and watercolor!

Alex said...

These are really great!!!!

400lb Ninja said...

Ken wow man great stuff, love the shapes you're getting

tinylittlesandra said...

Ooooh, these are nice! I love the one at the top... ah, their all great!

hahaha.. Ask me all the questions you want. Yeah, Mick and I went were in the same class in college. Hes a great guy. Good crack. I'm here working at Chuck Gammage's Studio. Animating like a lunatic! Buts its good fun though, ant it?

El gaucho said...

great watercolors!! i just loved the riper and the dragon too!!

A_M said...

Hi Ken!
As always you are a phenomenon... your jobs transmit me positiveness.
If doesn't regret you I put you in my links and I ask you what think of it of my last post... would be a pleasure for me know your opinion!!!!

See you next!!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Fabulous work !!

Christina Dee said...

Cool watercolors and characters!!
I like how you mixed them with pencil too, it really works well.
I also watched Transcendance, awesome animation dude. very nice movement!
Have a good break, cant wait to see more stuff when you get back :3

TORI CAT said...

Hey Kenny!!
Cheers for checking out my blog. Im so sorry for the late reply. Im really bad at writing back..... but it doesnt mean your comments r not very much appreciated!! :)
Any who, yeah, Im glad you like my Banjo Raccoon. Hes a little guy i am working on with the hope of potentially making him into a TV series one day..... its not much really, but its kinda keeping my brain alive whilst im still signed off work.

I love your paintings. Your colours are so rich.... and im so impressed you have mastered the gimp too!!! I'm so used to photoshop i end up using all the wrong shortcuts when i switch programmes. Im also really liking your water colours.... i personally find them so difficult to work with. Im so clumbsy with them.

Keep up the great work dude!!
It looks ace!!!
Hope to see you soon,

Big hugs,

Kei Phillips said...

these look really great! well done

Leo Teixeira said...

Very cool characters...Congratulations!!!

Peter Breese said...

Hey buddy, thanks for the comment on that silly digital doodle I spewed out today :).

I've just set-up a link to yer blog - took me roughly 4 or 5 months to find that feature. I don't have any ruthless comments for ya, but I'll finish with an Arrrrr!!! anyway.


Sorrentino said...

hey hey!
thanks for the comments!
you, it's watercolor!!!
9 times out of 10 it's watercolor!

anna said...

great colors :))

Niina A. said...

Thanks for commenting over at my blog :)

Your work is amazing! I wish I could paint like you on the computer, I especially like the grim reaper in the previous post

John Sein said...

Hey! i've seen your comment on my blog! thanks! i appreciate uour opinion about my work. =) you really have good work on here, i'll keep watching you =)

p.D: I put you on my links, ok?

andrewQuintiliani said...

Its been a while since i visited your blog and man, have I been missing out!! Great stuff on here, I especially like the purple dragon guy!

Mirella said...

Amazing works^^!!!!!!!!!!

Aleta Vidal said...

cool drawings!

PaulSketch said...

I love all the colors you find in faces! Great illustrations :)

Kevin Keele said...

Can't wait for you to start posting again, especially if you've given your creative muscles a nice rest. Great sketches by the way.

Manny Mederos said...

Love what you have posted here... I will definately be sure to pass more often. :)

Joseph Lee said...

Great colors! Love the textural qualities to the watercolor medium!

andrewQuintiliani said...

Oh, right I guess I didn't put what software I used. Yeah it was Zbrush. 3.1 to be exact!

milkyteets said...

i think i saw that dude with the skull on his shirt, on the bus today. :P awesome stuff

afroman said...

what? practice? These are awesome...inspiring actually.

hahaha and that dragon below looks hilarious. Made me laugh :D

tinylittlesandra said...

Yeah, it was great to meet the guys. I'm still giggling about it! As for moving here, nah, it wasn't that easy... but my government had an arrangement with the Canadian one, to... "swap"... workers on a one year programme. Though I'm hoping to stay linger than that... I'm sure that wont be easy either :O)

bonaska said...

Great characters! Good and funny two person at the top so different!


Achdé said...

amazing works again. Your characters qare really funny and so cool!

wimPcheeSe said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by and leaving some feedback, your work is amazing! These watercolors are nice!


RAWLS said...

Thought you might like to see this if you hadn't already...

klil said...

really good artwork..

I like to paint with watercolor as well...

I will came more often to your blog.

(it is a "hug" in portuguese)

Shawn Escott said...

Very nice Ken! I like the style you've got going here. Especially the guy on the top right :)

Fabian said...

Hey Kenneth! I think yo do a great job with watercolors, these are great pieces.
I just notice in my dashboard of my blog that you are my only follower, so that means i have to work harder to do better illustrations, and so that you don't leave my blog. :) Have a great weekend, hope to see more posts from you soon.

GHGraphics said...

Great blog my man!

Good personality in your grumpy dragon painting. Personality in a tightly rendered painting is lost so easily. Well maintained good sir.

Mark Montague said...

Fantastic blog.

Everything here is great, but I your grumpy dragon is jaw-droppingly brilliant.

I can't wait for the next Sylvian Chomet to come out. I thought the Old Lady and the Pigeons was one of the best animations I have ever seen.

hlin said...

Hi you overtalented bastardo. Very nice work, do like wesley´s expression, see it 10 times a day, exactly like that.

Hey where did you see Harry Potter??

Claudio Cerri said...

Great Job, Ken!

jamir said...

You´re a Master!
Great work!! All of your works!

GhettoFab said...

hope your break is goin well. Im hopin i can get off mine one day :) see ya when you get back. Eagerly waiting the return of the mac!

Alexei Martins said...

AWESOME watercolors sketches!!!!!

Cheers dude!!!

adrian said...

LOVE 'Em As Usual!!!!

Adam Ford said...

Those are mighty pretty!

Jamal O said...

These are awesome!

C.B. Canga said...

i like. nice job

Dave said...

Really sweet! Can't wait for another post!

Javas said...

loving these man!

Ken said...

MarcoBucci: Hey dude yeh its fun indeed!

Peter Breese: cheers dude yeh, it can be addictive, im using a small windsor and newton set. its pretty cool, does the job! haha for sure he may very well be

rawls: cheers for the words dude! My break turned out longer than I expected... no internet grrr! Im lookin forward to checking up on your blog

mim: thanks for the kind words! hope to be posting again soon :D

Charles: I wasnt giving up wahahaahah! i was merely recharging lol. Im looking forward to my return too haha whenevr that may be. cheers dude!

Joern: Thanks mate, cheers!

food and drugs: thanks mate! Im glad you see those characters in the faces. thanks for the kind words. nah when I need a break I usually just stop doing everything. Then I wait a while. then I panic because I forget how to draw haha

Cgmarshall: Thanks for the kind words dude. Nah wasnt crunch time but it will be soon I reckon! just some personal stuff goin on. and then lack of internet... grr!

Alina Chau: thanks!

sorrentino: cheers mate! I think you could show me some watercolour colour techniques eh?

Dintoons: Thanks dude! haha yes I understand what you mean, need to recharge every now and then, there is after all more to life than blogging and drawing! cheers mate!

Barnard cyrus: thankyou, glad you like!

Dustin a FOust: Cheers mate!

Shou: Thanks dude, not if I see you first! haha

Jennifer Phillips: I know! Too hard hahaha. Thanks!

Javas: thanks dude!

Skid: Thanks!! mucho appreicated

Alex: thanks mate :D

400lb Ninja: thanks, glad your liking the shapes!

Tinylittlesandra: Thanks! Im a bit on the fence about them myself but glad u dig. Yeh he is a good guy, good laugh! ahh animation... I used to enjoy it... haha. I would rather splash some watercolours these days. But im glad your having a great time!

El Gaucho: Thanks dude!!

A_m: Thanks for the amazingly kind words dude, I am glad you enjoy my work. I must apologise for not getting back to you sooner, I will visit your blog as soon as I can. At the moment I have virtuallly no internet access!! :(

ANdrew: cheers!

Christina: thanks! much appreciated. Oh hey you watched my film?? how embarrassing hahaha. THough I am glad u enjoyed it... cheers for that Ill be back soon... I hope....!

Tori: Cheers for the words tori! I think I replyed you on your blog? Its eben so long I cant remember... haha! ANyways, hope your well, and that dinner went well on sat!

Kei: Thanks kei!

Leo: thanks mate!!

Peter Breese: No doodle is silly man! everything counts. I will link you as soon as I get back up and ruinning, cheers for that! And ARRRR back at ya!!!

Sorrentino: haha! so, I had a one in 10 chance of asking a legitamite question?? not good odds huh? haha

Anna: thanks! much appreciated

niina a: no worries! thanks for the kind words... and for dropping by! :D

John sein: Thanks for visiting dude! Much appreicated... and of course, that is ok to link me, i will link you back when I can!

Andrew: Hey dude, cheers for the kind words! much appreciated :D

Mirella: thanks!

Aleta: cheers!

Paulsketch: thanks dude!

Kevin Keele: thanks for that dude, Im itching to get going again, but I have to wait.... and wait..... cheers!

Manny: thanks! I hope you come back soon

Joeseph lee: thanks dude!

Andrew: Ah z brush! I should really give that a whirl!

Milky: haha you saw him? awesome! cheers dude!

Afroman: I am glad you like them dude... and glad my dragon inspired a chuckle!!

Tinylittlesandra: oh cool! so your there for a year? sounds awesome. Yeh for sure, try and stay longer!!

Bonaska: thanks! :D

Achde: thanks dude :D

wimpcheese: thanks for the kind words! much appreciated

Rawls: dude, thanks for the link, unfortunately I have had no internet........ I really need it back! Need to get on top of things!

Klil: thankyou! Much appreciated. I have seen your watercolours, they are amazing.... so thanks for the kind words!

Shawn: Thanks mate! Needs more work and practice, not confident with the watercolours!

Fabian: Thank you! haha, your illustrations are good, just keep posting I will be back for more :D

ghgraphics: thank you! much appreciated! I am glad you found personality on my dragon. Perhaps It is my personality coming through haha cheers dude!

Mark: Thank you, means a lot. And glad you liked my dragon. Oh I loved the old lady and the pigeons... I must say I am looking forward to this new film too, not just to see it, but to finsih working on it, its hard work haha! Thanks for dropping by :D

Hlin: hahaha. thanks. I think. yeh for sure, thats his normal face eh??? harry potter?? haha, you mean.... "mick"?

Claudio: Thanks!

Jamir: Thanks for the kind words dude! Not sure Im master yet tho hahaha

Ghettofab: CHeers mate! Yeh im lookin forward to you getting off yours too haha. I will drop by soon :D

Alexei: thanks man!

Adrian: Cheers!

Adam Ford: thanks dude!

Jamal o: cheers!

Cb Canga: thanks mate!

Dave: thanks man! new post soon I hope!

Javas: cheers mate!