Thursday, November 06, 2008


Hello! Just a quick post of some recent observational drawing...

Ken :D

History was made yesterday, glad I witnessed it!


GhettoFab said...

youre on fire! Keep em comin Ken!

Abby said...

Love the sketches! Especially the middle profile.

Peter Breese said...

Hey hey Ken, good to have you back on the net and active again. Great sketches, as always. Really like the line work in these - playful.


Jörn said...

Wecome back, Ken. Beautifull dynamic stroke in your sketches.

TH3DEN said...

amazing sketches! great blog :D!

Tapan Gandhi said...

awesome sketches, man

and woohoo!!!! out with the old and in with the O!!

jurffy said...

I like the last image from your post on Sunday, April 6, the Horn dudes with no eyes. The portrait in your Life Drawing section is cool too!
Like Tapan mentioned, I also like your sketches!

RAWLS said...

Someone has a new avataarrr...
Great sketches my friend!!!
I have to say, I'll miss the old animated face.

eunzi kim said...

hi! thank u for looking at my blog! =D
i really like ur green Dragon/monster fellow~~~ anD i think i really likeD ur purple Dragon on the bottom when it was all.. wall-eyeD anD... "Dumb" looking. hahaha well.. for me "Dumb" has appeal =D

adrian said...

Hey Ken.. Love it here!
Thanks for the visit too.

Reena said...

oh cool sketches! Love them : ))

Skid said...

I like how you can 'see' the people in your observational sketches. Very insipiring!

Food and Drugs said...

Hello Ken,
Thank you for commenting. A visitor from Scotland is always well received, above all, having in mind how much I like good whisky, OK, ehem...
Once more, a pleasure visiting your blog, your drawings are full of life and expressiveness...
That old lady is nice.

bog_art said...

Great new posts my friend!.. mainly your "I got the internut!".. and Go Obama!..

Hyein Lee said...

Obama! I must say, I was scared before, but there is hope. :)
(maybe I shouldn't have my hopes too high)

Awesome work you have here!! I love your wicked purple dragon!

Thanks for visiting my blog, by the way.

Laura said...

Enjoyed looking through your blog :)

I have had the Lego Hobbes on my PC for years and years. I never took this photo. I wish I knew so I could give them for it.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Claudio Cerri said...

Woonderful new stuff! Great job, Ken!

gerardobasabe said...

Geniales trabajos.Un abrazo.Adios

Alina Chau said...

beautiful drawings!! and YAY!! for OBAMA!

Mark Montague said...

Great observational sketches.

Lots of great potential characters to animate.

Tatevik Avakyan said...

Your sketches have such great personality and character.

Joseph Lee said...

Great drawings! And Obama rocks!

mim said...

nice work just as always ;)
keep up great awesomeness man! :D

cheers, mim

Peter Breese said...

You've been tagged my friend! Check back on my blog for further instructions and congrats!

Tag your it!

PaulSketch said...

nice compositions on the sketches!
And yaaay to Obama!

Peter Breese said...

I agree there should be some sketching/drawing requirement added to the tag or tig... depending on your side of the Atlantic :). Perhaps you can add that component to the poor souls you tig.

Ken said...

Ghettofab: Thanks mel!

Abby: Cheers! Yeh the middle one is my fav too :D

Peter Breese: thanks dude! good to be back... I got catching up to do!!

Jorn: Thanks man! And cheers!!!

th3den: Cheers dude!

Tapan Gandhi: Thanks man! Yeeehaa! indeedioso!

Jurffy: Thanks for checking out my work that far back dude :D cheers for the kind words

Rawls: yeh man! New avatar indeed! I felt like a change.... maybe ill animate this one eh?

Eunzi Kim: no worries, twas a pleasure! cheers for that.. oh yeh! haha I know what you mean, I like the whole dumb look too... I guess he just evolved some attitude :D

Adrian: thanks mate! and no worries

Reena: Thanks!

Skid: cheers! glad u like... I betya tho they look nothin like the peeps I was drawin haha

Food and drugs: haha I am glad you appreciate the old scots my friend! And the old scotch :D Thanks for the kind words

Bog_art: Thanks dude!

Hyein Lee: Yes a glimmer of hope! I hope he really is different..... there is always the chance he is all words and no action . thanks for the kind words! I am glad you like my dragon. And no worries!

Laura: Thanks, much appreciated :D ahhh i see! Well one day I hope I see that lego hobbes in the flesh... He is awesome!

Claudio Cerri: thanks man!

Gerardobasabe: ¡gracias! ¡Mucho apreció!

Alina Chau: thanks ALina!

Mark Montague: thanks man... yeh your right... Scotland for one is a good place to see ready made characters!

Tatevik Avakyan: I am glad you think so! Means a lot cheers

Joeseph Lee: Thanks dude... Indeed he does!

Mim: Thanks dude! :D

Peter Breese: You sly dog you!

Paulsketch: thanks dude!

Peter breese: I think Ill leave the modifying to someone else haha :D

Dominic Philibert said...

Very nice sketches!!!!!!!
You got something strong there!
Keep me posted.