Sunday, December 28, 2008

2 posts 2 days???

Making the most of my free time, so heres another post... was experimenting, trying to do something a bit different. Hope everyone is doin good!

Ken :D

!!! - Update - !!!

I did another drawing today, no point in doing a new post so here it is!


Peter Breese said...

Very interesting Ken, both the image and the fact that you are posting so frequently. I'm not sure if I can adapt :).

This is a different look no doubt, but I like it's subtle lines and early 1900's shapes and hues.

andrewQuintiliani said...

Hilarious stuff!

Charles Goatley said...

Interesting looking character. I can kinda see how he's evolved (or devolved?) from the cowboy in the previous post. I should post more frequently myself but all the characters I come up with for my comic are too hush hush to reveal yet! Thanks for your advice on my comic cover btw!

Tapan Gandhi said...

i absolutely love that pirate!

Ivan Oviedo said...

Hi kenneth,

Thanks for coments in my blog.
I love too this style, congrats :)

Jason Barnes said...

that first piece is great! i think you are headed in a direction that could yield some amazing works.

Sorrentino said...

OOoO! these are fun! Simple and great!!
thanks for dropping by! What's new with work?

Mark said...

Hey man thanks for the comments.. your blog is amazing.. wicked work man

RAWLS said...

Woah woah!... slow down man, yer spoiling me. Nice work my friend!

Fabian said...

Great!! I am not much into pirates, but this one is the exception, really amazing work! :)

ramanjit said...

thanx for comment keep visiting,happy new year.

Alexei Martins said...

hey Ken!!!
Cool drawings!!!love the characters!!!

happy new year!!!

mjarman said...

Rather like this alternate direction, wondering why your tried a new approach?

Leon Harmon said...

Great shapes you have for these guys.

krossj said...

haha! great characters mate! the pirate is awesome!


Christina Dee said...

nice graphic style!! I really love the pirate's face.

Chris Kennett said...

Yarr! Have to agree with the majority here. The Pirate's an absolute winner!

LornaSmithStudio said...

Hello hello hello...thank you so much for the comment. I have been badly neglecting my blog as Christmas and knitting appear to have taken over my wee world! Off up to Forfar tomorrow so I'll do my usual wave to you as I go past. we had a lovely Christmas doing not much and not leaving the house for a few days....bliss.
Hope you are up to something nice tomorrow night. Speak to you in the New Year. L X

DeathPlug said...

ALways loved the pirates with weird teeth:)

Ken said...

Peter Breese: Yeh interesting indeed! I wonder if I can keep the momentum up. No doubt Ill be back to once a month when I get back into work haha

Andrew Quintiliani: Thanks!

Charles Goatley: yeh I guess they kinda evolved from mr cowboy stylistically! OOh, sounds exciting dude! I look forward to hearing more :D and no worries

Tapan Gandhi: thanks dude, glad u like im! arr!

Ivan Oviedo: Hey thanks for dropping by! Tis a priviledge. cheers for the kind words :)

Jason Barnes: Thanks dude! haha we shall see about that amazing works thing...

Sorrentino: Thanks dude! And no worries, its always a pleasure to see your work. Whats new??? Nothing! I wish I had exciting stories to tell... but alas.... haha

Mark: No worries dude, and thanks for the kind words dude.. much appreciated!

Rawls: haha, Im making the most of my freedom dude! Ill be back to monthly posts soon... cheers matey!

Fabian: How cant you like pirates??! haha. Thanks for the kind words :D

Ramanjit: No worries, and happy new year to you too!

Alexei Martins: Hey! Thanks dude! And happy new year to you too!

Mjarman: cheers dude.. why? Hmm I like to experiment. I dont like to keep doing the same things all the time. Also, this is quicker than the way I usually work... good for blasting out some work!

Leon Harmon: Cheers man

Krossj: Thanks dude! Happy new year to ya!!

Christina Dee: Thanks Christina!

Chris Kennett: Arrr!! cheers dude! :D

LornaSmithStudio: Thanks for the message, Christmas is a bad time for spare time! Yeh those are the best Christmasses, doing nothing! Relaxing and eating chocolate and mince pies... Not up to much for new year, Im not a big fan, but hope you have a good one! All the best for 2009!!!

Deathplug: Of course! What other kind of pirates are there??? haha

Omar "OX" Rodriguez said...

great pirate

Paco said...

Arrr! Shiver me timbers. That be a great pirate drawing. Love it.