Friday, December 26, 2008



 I hope everyone (who celebrates this time of year!) is having a great festive holiday! I got a quick sketch here, its not Christmas themed, but hey, nevermind!

I saw this guy in Dundee at the beginning of this week... he was sitting in the shopping centre. I thought he looked rather out of place, its not often you see people dressed like this over here. Looked like he just walked out of a western.

Ive named him the "Dundee Cowboy". Its a memory sketch, so not 100% accurate, but I tried to capture his attitude and his attire...

Anyhoo, until next time!

Ken :D


Charles Goatley said...

Cool cowboy. Maybe he was looking for untapped oil reserves???
Hope you had a great Christmas. Did it snow up there? Not a sign of any down here.

Aaron said...

Nice piece Ken, love the shapes you used!

Elliott said...

all the drawings and paintings here are killer, really great work!


marcobucci said...

awesome design dude!
And hey - how's Sylvain's new film coming along? I'm looking forward to it.

Richard Gaines said...

Ken, you have some amazing character and painting work here. I really dug the speed painting of the angel, especially when something with that kind of depth only took you two hours tops.

Congrats on your gig with The Illusionist!! I wish I could be on a project like that. :)

Great stuff and I hope you had a great Christmas!

RAWLS said...

Nice work bro! Hope you had a great Christmas, and have a happy new year my friend!

Moyse said...

Thanks Ken! I wouldn't bother looking for my illustration on HIGNFY, they didn't show it in the end. Bit disappointed, but hey, life goes on (lol!)

Hope you had a great christmas and are planning a cracking new year!

Great character btw!

Ken said...

Charles Goatley: Haha yes Dundee is full of untapped oil. Especially under the Wellgate shopping centre haha. Hope you had a great christmas too, no snow here unfortunately.... :(

Aaron: Thanks dude!

Elliot: Thanks man, means a lot!

Marco Bucci: thanks mate! The film is coming on slow... im not looking forward to next year... busy times ahead..!

Richard Gaines: Thanks dude! Much appreciated. The angel was a happy accident, that doesnt happen often haha. What I didnt mention was all the terrible drawings I did before that came oot! And cheers man, workin on the film is cool, if a lot of work. Hope you had a great Christmas too and all the best for the new year!

Rawls: Thanks! Hope you had a good one too, best wishes for 2009!

Moyse: Ah, what a shame! That would have been an awesome claim to fame. One of my favourite shows that is. Maybe check the extended edition? It will be on iplayer. Thanks dude, same to you! All the best for 2009!

Jason Barnes said...

haha this is awesome. the funny thing is he is not so out of place where i'm from. i at least see 2 to 3 people like this on a daily basis.

and actually back in high school when i worked as a waiter at a local steak-house every other customer was this guy.

Anonymous said...
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