Monday, January 05, 2009

Butcher and animation

NOTE: For some reason my images are not linking properly - to see them full size please right click and view image!! :D And if anyone knows how to solve this problem, please help me!


First off, thanks to everyone who gave me their feedback on my animation, its been really helpful. Ive edited the timing on it so far, but havent redrawn anything as of yet, Im working on it though!

Also, another drawing I did (the butcher guy) Its a bit unfinished, but I was getting bored if it. I may go back and tidy it up however..

Hope everyone is well!

Ken :D

ps:... I just realised, that the butcher and my animated character look remarkably similar! haha! same hair and everything. Thats how unoriginal I am.


Marco Bucci said...

cool animation man! I swear there's nothing quite like seeing rough pencils of my favourite things to watch (and I'm not even an animator)! I love the design on the guy, too.

Carl Knox said...

Hey Ken!

Your character designs are sweet as. For some reason the animation isn't loading on my screen... so I'll check back.

Happy new year Ken.

jennifer said...

Hey, nice animation and character design. Also, love the butcher.

Seeing your animation is giving me a hankering to try some of my own. I took a couple of animation classes at school and loved them.

Your stuff is always inspiring to me.

RAWLS said...

Yea.. I actually thought it was the same character! ha. Nice work bro.
As for the email bounce, I'm not sure what happened... it's a working email. Try it again, and if it's a no go, try my work email,

Peter Breese said...

I agree with the rest of the folks here... beautiful animation, especially - as Marco points out - due to the line work!

I really like the flicker on the lighting of the cigar. It makes it elegant and reminds me so much of the animation festivals I used to go to as a kid.

Ben Reynolds said...

That animation is fantastic! Love the characters design as well!

Ivan Oviedo said...
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Ivan Oviedo said...

Congratulation, this animation is fantastic.

Chris Kennett said...

Looking great and awesome body language. Thanks for your last comment and yeah it was all done with Flash.

Jamal O said...

It's hard to tell if the timing is working for the animation because the GIF play back depends on computer speed.

But the poses are fantastik : )


Edo said...

Awesome animation!! Happy new year my friend!!

messytimbo said...

super good animation bro, i think the changes you made on the timing makes it look better.

great stuff buddy, your blog is really exciting at the moment

keep up the great work brother

Scott Altmann said...

Fantastic - great character and animation

Daniel M.C. Alvite said...

nice butcher...looks sad crazy..

the smoke is nice too,,,,, nice arm mov bringing up the cigar.

Ken said...

Marco Bucci: Thanks dude! I know what you mean, I love watching rough animation, I prefer it to final cleaned up and coloured... it has more energy and life in it. Thanks for the kind words!

Carl knox: Cheers dude! Hmm I wonder why... its just a GIF file. Yeh, happy new year to you too!

Jennifer: Thanks for the kind words! Its much appreciated. give the old animation a bash, there is such a sense of satisfaction making drawings move. Although it can get tedious...!! Thanks for dropping by :D

Rawls: haha tis ambiguous for sure! Thanks dude.. email thing sorted now hehe

Peter Breese: Thanks mate! The flicker thing... that is actually an accident, and wasnt meant to be like that. Basically one of my layers in flash is on multiply mode, which doesnt render in the GIF... so, instead we dont see the body drawing haha. But I am glad you feel it adds something to it! Perhaps I can use it to effect...

Ben Reynolds: Thanks dude! :D

Ivan Oviedo: Thankyou! much appreciated :D

Chris Kennett: thanks mate! Your flash skills are impressive I must say, I always find animating in flash to be frustrating, need to get the hang of it!!

Jamal O: Yeh youre right! Im working on exporting to a quicktime or something. Cheers dude!!

Edo: Thank you! And happy new year to you too :D

Messy Timbo: Thanks mate! Yeh everyones advce really helped there. thanks for the kind words, glad your finding it exciting!!!

Scott Altmann: thanks mate! much appreciated

Daniel M.C.ALvite: Thank you! Needs more work, but Im workin on it! Cheers :D

Jason Barnes said...

aww, man that's awesome! the dude is so cool and casual about lightin' that stogey up. really kickass. can't wait to see the final.

BOKY said...

He he, a funny butcher :)) As for errors in linking, not happened to me to :( I usually just create a new post if it doesn't work :0 But I also noticed that if you cut & paste images while creating the actual post, you won't be able to "enlarge" it once you publih the post...hope it helps!

Francisco Martins said...

Hi Ken,
This looks fantastic, I Love it!

As for the linking problem, I think it has something to do with publishing 2 images in the same post. Try to give more space between them (one enter should be enough). This happened to me too once...

Francisco Martins

Kristian said...

animation is brill. Line tests rule. the hand shapes are what draw me to him most. I love the guarded hand position and the last hand pose is so good. keep em' coming.

Abz said...

Very freakin cool!

:) I hope you will enjoy my blog, like i've enjoyed yours!