Saturday, January 03, 2009

Something completely different...


I had the urge to try my hand at some animation - not done any in a LONNNGGG while.

This is my first test, in gif format, so its not perfect to see timing etc, but it gives an idea.

 If anyone has any advice on how I can make improvements, please let me know! Would love to hear it

I hope 2009 is treating everyone well!

Ken :D


Francisco Martins said...

Great works you have here Ken, your blog rocks! The sketches in this post are really good!

Francisco Martins

Fabian said...

Hey Ken! I think it looks amazing! You really did a great job and i love more this kind of animation, more than the one done in flash. :)

Sarita K. said...

Oh this animation is cool! Did you use Flipbook?? Your speedpaint angel all the way at the bottom is really beautiful too ...!

YIKES! said...

Hi Ken, thanks for dropping by my blog. Glad you like the look of Low Grav.

Nice animation, very Plymptonesque.

Happy New year!

david benzal said...

Cool animation!!

Ash Collins said...

okay, the gif doesnt do the timing any favours, but I can see your keyframes and all I can say is - fuck you!! stop hogging up all the talent! XD

Al said...

Hey Ken!

This looks nice - Seeing as you asked for critiques...perhaps you could hold for longer on the inhale so theres kind of a pregnant pause before he exhales.

Anyway drawings looks real nice as per.

Spose i could of told you this tmrw but...right i'm going to stop typing now.

tatty bye

[B]ehram said...

Whoa, YOU got some nice art here!!

As for the critique: the shoulder of the arm that pulls out the lighter should be lower when he takes it out, so when he inhales the smoke it feels really pushed or raise his body higher when he inhales if you have enough room on the page. And I agree with Al (above)

That's my opinion other than that looks good.

Thanks for the comment Ken, much appreciated!

Dan szilagyi said...

I'm digging the last few posts here mate! i'd love to see more of this kind of stuff!

As for the animation, the only thing that you could try is playing with some of the timing? adding in an overshoot or two wouldn't hurt ( when he raises his arm to put the smoke to his mouth)

great work though!

joonasjoonas said...

Looks great!!! I'd hold the last pose of exhale longer and maybe make it a little more extreme. I agree with the shoulder comments.

I hope we'll get to see more finished video soon! This is looking great! Hopefully a quicktime file next time to get a better idea of the timing!

CGMarshall said...

Man this looks so nice.
you have to finish it!

you could add some nice sounds also that would be well nice

bog_art said...

Hey my friend!.. Happy 2009 for your and your three years old blog!.. well, one of the main things I remember when I satudied animation was that it is not important what you are animating, it is important the movement of the animation.. besides that I prefer people who really know about it give theur opinion.. cheers!..

RAWLS said...

Dude that's great! Nice job. Hey, I have a great thing to send you about Orphan works... drop me an email and I'll forward it to ya.
Happy New Year bro!

Ken said...

Francisco Martins: Thanks mate! And thanks for visiting :D

Fabian: Thanks, glad ya like it! Yeh I prefer hand drawn to flash too. I hope to finish this soon

Sarita K: Thanks Sarita - I drew this on paper and scanned it in! Oh and cheers!

Yikes: Hey Will, yeh its looking great! Cheers, hope I can get this finished. Happy new year to you too! Although I think I already said that on your blog.. haha

David Benzal: Cheers dude!

Ash Collins: Hahahaa... !!! cheers dude

Al: Hey Alan Im guessing thats you? Thanks for dropping by - I took your advice and held that longer, I reckon it looks much better! If you got any other suggestions would be awesome to hear em. See you in work yo!

Behram: Hey thanks, much appreciated. Thanks for your critique! I agree the shoulder should be lower and drop I think before removing that hand. I will get round to trying that when I redraw bits! cheers dude and thanks for dropping by!

Dan Szilagyi: thanks dude! More is coming for sure haha. Yeh the timing for sure, I did a new timing see above! and yeh the overshoot could work. I will give it a try when I get back to the drawing board! Cheers!

Joonasjoonas: Thanks dude! Yeh I think that last pose could be more extreme, I have edited the timing for now, I will try pushing that pose when I get back to drawing! thanks for your help :D haha yeh a quicktime would be nice but I couldnt get it working grrrrr!!!

CGmarshall: Hey dude, thanks for the kind words! Yeh I really want to get this finsihed, need a showreel haha. For sure, sounds would be ace, will do that! Hope your well mate

Bog_art: Hey! thank you,happy new year to you too! Thanks for your advice, and yes I totally agree with you, Its easy to get caught up in the drawings and not the movement! I will think movement from now on, thanks for reminding me! Cheers!

Rawls: Thanks mate! Hey I tried sending you an email but it bounced back???

Mark McDonnell said...

Amazing animation my man. AMAZING, great personality, shape design and timing. Beautiful work,


Omar "OX" Rodriguez said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Kenny, I just saw your line test. It's great to see you doing some animation again. I wonder if the old man is based on a character lurking outside the Mecca Bingo. Seems like a satisfying smoke. Az