Thursday, August 13, 2009

Im back!

Hello Bloggers!

It has certainly been a while. Life has been a bit busy recently, mainly with work taking up most of my time and energy... as you can probably tell, Ive not been doing much blogging :)

But no more! At the end of July I left my job to brave the world of freelancing!

Perhaps a silly decision considering the state of the economy and such... but, life is too short to wait for the perfect time to do anything. Ive been thinking about freelancing for a while, so now is the time to see if its right for me...

So for the past week and a bit I have been drawing everyday, practicing speedpainting, doing studies, preparing my website etc etc. I thought I would share with you some of the sketches I have done in this time. They are pretty rough but they are a learning process. If I'm gonna survive as a freelancer, I got to up my skills.

Anyway, I hope to be posting more regularly now. Its good motivation to get work done :)

I hope everyone out there is great!

Ken :D


Charles Goatley said...

Good for you - that's a brave decision. I wish you the best of luck going solo. These latest paintings are awesome.

GhettoFab said...

whoooo hooo hes back with a vengence!

Cool that your takin on the challenge of freelancin. Im sure you will do great at it

Keep on keepin on Ken

RAWLS said...

Yes guy!! Great to see you back in action! These are really nice. I love the first two a lot. Best of luck my friend in the sea of freelance... you'll do great.

Ken said...

Charles: Thanks for dropping by dude! Yeh I hope its the right decision hehe. Thanks for the luck!

Ghettofab: Haha, well, im certainly back in some form... Thanks dude, Ill be updating my blog with my progress. Oh, I love the new avatar!

Rawls: Hello! Thanks for the kind words dude. And cheers for the encouragment, I hope things work out!

GhettoFab said...

Yeah we went in April and I was gonna hit you up but you were super busy and I didnt want you to have to tend to us. We were there for 3 days. Hope to go again sometime next year and if your not too busy then ( which Im sure you will be :) will hit you up.

( my wife is eggin me to get a job some where in the UK )

Jeremy Elder said...

Beautiful sketches - good luck in the freelance world!

Carl Knox said...
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Carl Knox said...

"are you crazy!!!! you fooool! turn around and BEG for your job back!!!!! You'll never make it!!!"

... ... ... that's the lil fella on your shoulder who you should ignore. :P Good work Ken! Welcome to the world of freelance, now start selling your goods everywhere!

Jason Newkirk said...

your work is awesome man! good luck in the freelance realm!

Ken said...

Jeremy: Thanks dude!

Carl: Haha yeh, that little fella is on permanent ignore... thanks man, its time to take on the world lol. Any advice!?

Jason: Thanks much appreciated!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Glad to have you back too!!! Omg how awesome is your fantastic work???? It's wonderful! I really like your style and your dragon avatar is so very cool! He has such character hee he hee he hee! I will be coming back to visit for sure. It's awesome! Thanks so very much for stopping by to visit. I really appreciate you taking time to do so. Thanks.

Kyri Kyprianou said...

Hi Ken! You are extremely brave to 'go it alone'. But you have the talent, so I believe you can make it work. Get in people's faces and let them know what you can do!!

Best of luck

Francisco Martins said...

Hey Ken,
Welcome back dude!
Awesome paintings, as always. I really like your style!
Brave decision...I'm considering leaving my job to become a freelancer as well for a while now. You are incredibly talented, and I'm sure you're gonna make it!
All my best wishes,


Ken Chandler said...

Marvelous to see you back Ken! I especially like your creature in the woods. Bordering on creepy, but somehow not. Good stuff!

Post more so I can be inspired. Good luck with the freelancing. It's a hard way to go, but I'm seriously considering it myself. Kudos to you bro!

Ross Burt said...

kENNY, great stuff, i'll need to give u a shout about freelancing

joonasjoonas said...

Thanks for the visit Ken. I better get back to blogging too!

Great artwork as always. that rhino is amazing!

And good luck with freelancing! I bet you'll do just fine!

Ken said...

Vanessa Brantley Newton: Hey wow thanks for the kind words! Its very much appreciated! And thanks for dropping by also. Actually, I really like your avatar also, thats what drew me to your blog haha. Ill be dropping by again for sure, cheers!

Kyri: Dude! Nah its not bravery, its just um.. necessity! I cant do the 9 til 5... :) thanks dude, much appreciated!

Francisco: Thanks mate! I hope I got what it takes to make it happen. Man, if you really want to go freelance, just go for it, I reckon the only way to make it work is to take the jump! With adequate safety protection of course haha cheers mate!

Ken: Thanks dude! hehe yeh most people have said that.. about his creepiness... creepy is good! More posts coming soon, and thanks. Youre considering it too? Go for it! Life is too short :D

Ross: Thanks dude! and thanks for the email!

Joonas Joonas: haha its hard to blog sometimes... its a lot of work! Thanks for the kind words mate!

pakoto said...

amazing works!! I´m your fan!

SSSSeaN said...

Yo! Good to see you back here!
I heard about competetion, man. goog job!! you should have dinner with us or something to celebrate your first step as a freelancer.

BTW, good job for paintings. I saw most of them in your house and it looks great with colours.

Anonymous said...

Man nice work! I would really like to see a close up of that rhino.

Peter Breese said...

Nice buddy, welcome to the freelance world!

Christina Dee said...

So glad to see you posting again!! These are looking great! I really love that Rhino, it looks really 3 dimensional. Good luck with the freelance, I'm sure you'll do really well :D

Looking forward to seeing more art!!

messytimbo said...

wow amazing man. i sure your not have to much trouble in the freelancing game.

i love these man, that rhino is so really looking and i love that cat as well. your the king of form, man can you give me some tips or is there any tutorials or books you can recommend on form?

good to see you back blogging!

Ken said...

pakoto: Thank you! much appreciated :D

SSSSeaN: Yo! Thanks man! Good to be back haha. And thanks for that. I will show you my design at some point! Cheers dude, we have to have another art day soon :D I hope you get posting more man, gotta get that book ready :D

Jberd: Cheers! Close up coming up :D

Peter Breese: Thank you for the warm welcome!

Christina Dee: Hello! Thanks for the kind words. Yeh I need all the luck I can get, I hope it goes ok! Cheers for dropping by after all this time :D

Messytimbo: Thanks dude! hehe I hope not. Time will tell! Thanks for the kind words... as for form... hmm Im not sure. Hey I will reply that on your blog! Cheers!!