Tuesday, August 25, 2009

more doodles!


How is everyone? Good I hope. A big thanks to everyone who still drops by and leaves their feedback after all this time!

Some new art... the drawing above is a character I doodled a while back and decided to paint up. Im working on some model sheets for him now. Just for fun.

Below are some more speed paint things that I did recently - Ive been working on environments a bit more, trying to figure out lighting and composition and such.

And at the bottom is a larger version of my Rhino from the last post - thats for you Jberd!

More stuff coming soon, and some updates on my freelance shenanigans!

Until next time

Ken :D


Sam Rowan said...

Man with every drawing you get better and better man

Carl Knox said...

Yo dude!!! These are great!

China town from imagination? great rhino too!

Good chatting the other night Ken.

All the best! More more more!

GhettoFab said...

oooo weeee these are sweet!Always Look forward to the updates cause I knwo theyre gonna be rockin :)

RAWLS said...

These are fantastic bro! Really great work!!

TJ Lubrano said...

Wow!! You are really good! This is awesome! Keep it up!

michael robertson said...

fantastic stuff!...lotsa talent here...

Wayne B. Medina said...

wow, this blog is great! love your stuff man!

Adrian Lubbers said...

You just keep gettin better. AMAZING.
I love the Rhino!!!

Peter Breese said...

Awesome buddy!

Ken Chandler said...

The colors on your cigar guy are stunning, and the shadows and highlights really make him pop. Beautiful. I'm also really impressed the with way you handle atmosphere. You get a real sense of depth, which knocks my socks off.

Marco Bucci said...

Hey Ken - excellent recent stuff! Love the colour going on. Love that Rhino too.

Anonymous said...

Alright! Close up of that rhino much appreciated. Great color palette on that cigar guy.

Ken said...

Sam: thanks dude, I hope your right! :D

Carl: Thanks man! Yeh they all from imagination apart from that rhino, it was reffed from a photo... im starting to realise the importance of studies!!

ditto dude! Hope your pitch went well - takl soon!

Ghettofab: Thanks mate! I hope they live up to the rockin status haha

Rawls: thanks! much appreciated!

TJ Lubrano: Thank you, thanks for dropping by

Michael Robertson: thanks dude, means a lot!

Wayne B Medina: thanks! Likewise to your stuff!

Adrian Lubbers: thanks mate, much appreciated

Peter Breese: Youre awesome! haha

Ken Chandler: Thanks ken - I was happy how his colours turned out, but unfortunately it was down to mostly pot luck... good days and bad days! Im workin on those atmospheres, its not something Im used to, so Im glad you like em! Cheers!

Marco Bucci: Hey Marco, cheers for dropping by! Thanks for the kind words :)

Jberd: Cheers dude! :D

Jason Pruett said...

I love that girl's expression!

Nathan Lindsay said...

i love the variety in these pieces. great lighting on that rhino.

Adrian M Mulryan said...

very nice enviornment sketches ken, impressive

Anonymous said...