Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Character sketches


I was tidying my room today and I found a folder full of random sketches and doodles... I thought some of them might be worth sharing on the old blog, seen as most of my stuff is digital painting. Heres the first of many!

Hope everyone is fine and dandy out there

Ken :D


Andy Mac said...

Ah, glad to see you went out on safari in town at somepoint. The local wildlife hasn't been illustrativley documented enough imho.

I took my pictures of Oaki Loki down after somepeople suggested it wasnt wise to put him up before i made the animation. Cant be too cautious eh?

Sadly, im not anymore familiar with Tori than her artwork - very inspiring stuff. Shes so advanced! Shes accomplished a lot more than i have in the same amount of years - so ill keep an eye out for her work.

Similarly, on the subject of inspiring - your a dab hand at drawing hands :D

Carl Knox said...

Hey dude!!! these 2 dudes are sweeeet! Post up the whole sketch book!!!


Ken said...

Andy Mac: lol

Good idea about the Oaki Loki. Maybe you could show me the photos in person, would be cool to see em. I wont steal em!

Tori is quite a talent!! And certainly knows how to wield that pencil - im not jealous at all! I know her quite well, we used to work together. Ill try and get her along to sketch group sometime, introduce you guys.

Oh thanks.. hands... yeh I think I got a lot of practice with that working on "The Illusionist"... awesome hands galore that one is!

Carl Knox: Thanks matey! Ill post more sketches for sure... I got a back log just waiting to upload hehe

RAWLS said...


AVS said...

gracias por pasar por mi blog .me gusta mucho tus personajes.chevre

Francisco Martins said...

Hey Ken,
Cool skeches dude...very nice!


michael robertson said...

great sketches!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Oh this was so worth sharing man! This is wonderful. I know both these dudes!!! One is my cousin June and the other is his side kick Chancey!!! Don't laugh, I'm totally serious. Your illustrations are always tasty and on the money! Great work and thanks so much for the birthday wish!

TH3DEN said...

NICE!! Great hands sir.

Adrian Lubbers said...

Ken...How goes the freelance battle?
These are great by the way.

Jason Curtis said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

Wow, you are one talented bastard! I'm definitely going to enjoy exploring your blog...just amazing stuff!