Thursday, September 10, 2009


Coz girls are awesome

Just experimenting with style and such. Need to work on my posing and anatomy I reckon though...

Ken :D


Jörn said...

Sweeeet. Good poses and nice colors.

"TORI CAT" said...

Yeah we are!!! Girls are awesome.... and Kenny is awesome too!!! :D
Top Notch as always ken. Great fashion sense too. hee hee... xx

"TORI CAT" said...

Hey Ken, its me again, Just checked out "Character CUbe"!! WOW!! really nice dude. I love the pic of wez hiking back to london!!
Nice and simple and straight to the point. its nicely set up and shows you off!! Hope the freelancing picks up quickly for you. Just one tiny crit as you asked for them... When you sell yourslef in the "About" section you write
"Kenneth has a range of experience in the creative industry, having worked in mobile phone gaming and feature animation"....
I would just maybe put your feature experience above the mobile fone gaming... and mention maybe Chomets name and your assistant animating. You worked bloody hard for a long time at an amazing level and standard. Big yourself up a bit more!! Obviously dont come accross as mr Big head, just highlight your skills a bit more.
I dunno, thats just my lil opinion. You dont have to listen to me. Just a thought, as you asked.
As for a crit on the art.... i cant.... Your just too dam good!! I love everything. Your paintings and colours are bewtiful!! two thumbs up!!! YOu ROk!!xxx

andrewQuintiliani said...

Website is looking really nice! These girls really have a lot of character to.

AVS said...

q buena chamba exlente.saludos desde Perú

RAWLS said...

no no... coz you're awesome!

Jeremy Elder said...

I love your style - clean and simple but still communicates a mood/feeling. I especially like the gesture in the first.

Kei Phillips said...

Really nice designs,

I seem to have missed a lot of your great work!

keep it up!:)

- x T и - said...

awesome work :D!!!! thanks 4 coment in my gallery... Do you have a banner (button) for link???

Milio said...

Your illustrations are great!!!Best regards from Argentina

Rob said...

The one on the right. aye! Nice work Keeny.
Thats weird. I found Rawls work on Vimeo just last week. Small internet.

Ken said...

Jorn: Thank you!

Tori Cat: Thanks for the kind words haha, not sure i agree with the kenny is awesome bit though! :D Im gonna reply your other comment on your blog or something :)

AndrewQuintiliani: Thanks mate! And cheers :)

AVS: ¡gracias! Mucho apreció! :D

Rawls: haha... if only!

Jeremy Elder: Thanks! Yeh the first is my favourite too. The other two didnt click as well in terms of pose etc.

Kei Phillips: Thanks kei, cheers for dropping by!

x T u: Thanks! and no worries. I can make a banner? I will make one thanks!!

Milio: Thank you! Much appreciated. Thanks for dropping by :D

Rob: Fancy seeing you here old chap! Thanks dude. You gonna update your blog?? Yeh for sure... its a small place this is :)

Christina Dee said...

really pretty designs, and great colors!

also, I love that little guitar girl in your last post! she is so cute :D

Monstergue said...

Nice concepts. I like the painting style too. No really dark shadows needed here to suggest form.

al said...

nice. i agree

alexandre said...

Nice solid designs on your page.


Cutu said...

Don't know what you're talking about. I loved the poses and anatomy of these gals. Furthermore, where can I get the phone of the one on the left?

Mirella said...

awww, pretty girls!!!!!!! love them^^

Abby said...

I wish I could find outfits like these in real life. Awesome work!

Francisco Martins said...

Heya Ken, what's up?

Dude, your girls rock! So fashion!

I visited your's really awesome! I would't change a thing!

Take care man, cya next post!

Francisco Martins

Adrian Lubbers said...

Love the new site Ken and I wish you the best of luck Freelancing. Let me know how you "Conquer the World."

Kristian said...

dang! these are stella. And i agree with ms cat. Ken is awesome!

L ROSSI said...

Yo cheers man - didn't enter it cos it was only 5 seconds long; I wasn't able to finish, plus it took an eternity just to test it so I left it as it was.

Just been looking for work and working on some new stuff. Your character cube site is great! I like the name too! How come you didn't come up with a cool name like that for the book!?

heh heh
Catch you soon

Aima Kessy said...

Ooooh these are super! Love em ;))
Your blog is so inspiring...!!

tinylittlesandra said...

The girl in pint works over all very well... I think anyways :)
Hope your keeping busy - all the best from Oz.

Dan szilagyi said...

Wow it's been a while! great to see you keeping up with your work mate!
love these girl designs though, simple but right to the point and nice color choice!

take care and keep up the good work!


Duncan Kay said...

Hello Kenneth - I love the lovely Ladies! Sweet designs my man...

Ken said...

Thanks everyone for the kind words and comments! Its much appreciated :)

Christina Dee: Thanks for the kind words! Oh glad you like the guitar girl. I have more stuff on her to post later :D

Monstergue: Thanks! Yeh I was aiming for a more subtle tone. Hope it worked!

Al: thanks dude

Alexandre: Cheers!

Cutu: Thanks dude! As for her phone number lol... I have to respect her privacy ;)

Mirella: thanks!

Abby: Lol... if you need any help, just ask ;)

Francisco Martins: Hey dude, hows things?? haha thanks. Much appreciated. And thanks for checking out my website and for the feedback, it means a lot. Talk soon!

Adrian Lubbers: Thanks mate, Ill keep ya informed!

Kristian: Thanks dude, much appreciated!

L rossi: Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude! Think I replied on your blog, so just a another thanks here for the kind words!

Aima Kessy: Thank you Aima, cheers for dropping by and for the kind words!

Tiny little sandra: Thanks, glad ya like her :D Trying to keep busy ahha hope you are too! cheers for dropping in :D

Dan: hehe yeh still plodding away here :D Thanks mate, much appreciated!

Duncan Kay: Cheers mate!

Scott Altmann said...

Wow- these are really excellent designs. Very simple and elegant!