Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Another speedy


This, as the title of the post suggests, is another speed paint. So there ya go! Working again on my environments, trying to think about composition, scale, perspective, colour, tone... all the important stuff. 

Ill get the hang of it one day. 

A big thanks to everyone who drops by, its much appreciated!

Ken :D

PS: I am currently editing my blog layout etc, so please bear with me while I make some changes! And I lost all my blog links... :( I guess Ill have to start from scratch... sorry everyone!


Pablo said...

Wow Ken the speed paintings you've been posting are fabulous. I wish I could digi paint like this. Great stuff man.

Andrew W. Moir said...

Good perspective, color, and details. The monster has good character. I like the looseness. :)

TJ Lubrano said...

I wish I could do this too! Man, it looks great! I love the colors you used ^_^.

Thanks for the link of your roommate! Too bad she doesn't update it though. Last post was somewhere in 2008 I believe ^_^''.

Oh disappointed about not getting questions huh...maybe I can create a list hehehe. Ciao!

rats78 said...

Yo dude

this is ace. loving your speedy paintings. i can't help but noticed you painted out his dong. you should have kept it in : D

was good to see you at NeON the other day. Ultimately the whole thing was a big disappointment for me. doubt i'll go to next years. if it ever happens.

Danny Araya said...

nice, I like the hue changes. Makes the red parts look fleshy.

tinylittlesandra said...

totally cool man. Love the size difference between these two. It adds both comedy and horror to the scene. If that makes sense; in my view you could go either way with this.
Blog on dude, these are great!

wimpCheese said...

Hey Ken!

u've been posting so much, i have to comment on the most recent one!

i think you're doing a FAB job with the environments, considering u said that u need more practice. i think the one of the most important things is composition/balance, and you're doing a great job of trapping the eye in the space u have. great eyecatching pieces, i love looking at ur work like always!

Wayne B. Medina said...

dang! so i just finished looking at mel's blog with an awesome post..now you have this?! lol lol great great post ken..at this point i have to lie to give you a critique ;) ha! j/k

Ken said...

Pablo: Thanks dude, its always a surprise when they turn out looking like anything and even more of a surprise when people dig em! So cheers!

Andrew W Moir: Cheers mate!

TJ Lubrano: Thanks! I cant really take credit for the colours though. I painted on top of a texture, and added overlay layers and colour dodge - all the cheating!! Yeh! She doesnt update much, she hasnt yet realised the power of the blog. haha, I wouldnt TJ - one of my few talents is the ability to answer questions in a very boring way. Unlike you, you got the knack of answering em down! Take care!

Rats78: Hey Chris, cheers for dropping by! haha yeh maybe I should have kept that, add to the comedy value! I know what you mean about Neon - will see how all that pans out!

Danny Araya: Thanks dude!

Tinylittlesandra: Thanks Sandra! yeh, it has a touch of both, Im hoping I can sit on the fence with the comedy horror theme, I like the combo! More coming!

Wimpcheese: Hello! Yeh, Ive been challenging myself for this month :D Thanks for the kind words, yeh youre right about the composition balance thing. I think my greatest problem is perspective and knowing what things should look like - I need to do more enviro studies! Cheers for dropping by and for the kind words!

Wayne B Medina: Im sure mels post was wayyyyyyyyy cooler than anything I will ever draw! haha thanks dude, much appreciated!

perezvila™ said...

hey Ken! i love this everyday post expirience of yours!
and i guess than even these speedys (which, i already said... are............. by far not just speedys) are making your portfolio grow very fast!!

come on!!

kencoogan said...

Great stuff Ken! I really love the briad range of work you have on your blog.
I'd like to get more into character design but haven't a clue where to start!!

Dennis Cornetta said...

Great stuff! You certainly do get a feel for the scale in this. Maybe a little more in the foreground to really make it obvious how big that guy is?

Hard to believe it's a speed paint! I can only wish to be up to that level someday.

TJ Lubrano said...

Haha! The power of the blog! Maybe you have to give a dramatic speech to her as well! And thank you, but really I just write what comes in mind when I see those questions and I hardly follow the rules hehehe :D. Take care! Ciao

Ken said...

Perezvila: Thankyou! Yeh they arent strict speedies, I take too long on them haha. I hope some of these are portfolio worthy - good idea!

Kencoogan: Thanks mate! Yeh I try and work in a variety of styles and directions. It keeps me on my toes! Character design! Hey Ill talk to you on your blog

Denis Cornetta: Thanks mate! Yes, foreground would be good, the boat etc is cut off pretty tightly. haha for every half decent speedpaint I do, there are 100 terrible ones...!

TJ Lubrano: Blogging changed my life! Seriously. It has exposed me to so many artists and styles that I wouldnt have seen otherwise. So it is powerful haha. I wish I had that talent, to write what comes into my mind... but to be honest, my mind is either empty or full of boring stuff...! Take care :D