Wednesday, November 18, 2009


This took much longer than it should have! Not 100% happy with it but hey ya cant win em all!

Ken :D


Dennis Cornetta said...

Hey looks great regardless! How long did it take/What are you not happy with?

Neil said...

Neil from NEoN here, I'd like you to know that the regularity of your updates makes me sad, because I've been struggling with my meagre drawing skills for weeks trying to make user scenarios, and they're due on Friday :-(

Great work though!

Pablo said...

I digg it Ken. I think it's a cool character concept. What parts are you not happy with?

perezvila™ said...

hey Ken! what happened with the blog layout? it came back to where it was!! haha

why are you not so hapy with this one? I like it...
but all your recent characters (except for the donkey, are a bit mean... dont you think??)

bring back the tenderness......!!

have a nice wednesday!

Brandon said...

I hate it when I fight an illustration that hard. Sometimes I'll give in and start over. Most often when I do I'll achieve something in minutes that I couldn't do in the preceding hour. Don't know why that is. Regardless of the struggle it looks good.

tinylittlesandra said...

literally, my mouth open a little when I saw this and my head went forward. Its awesome - AWESOME POST! Great form to it, its so 3 dimensional. I'm drawn to the hands too... they're real nice.

TJ Lubrano said...

Love his pants and the shoes! Actually, I like it all ^_^. Nice work! I do understand that you as creator wants to create a perfect image, but what parts don't you like specifically? Or does it bug you that it took longer than expected to paint it? Ciao!

Nadia said...

holy crap, I can't believe how much you get done!!

GhettoFab said...

you can never take too long :) especially if you keep the good stuff comin!

Justin Rodrigues said...

I totally think it works. great concept love the costume design!

Manoj a menon said...

hi kenny,

i really envy such fresh colour palettes.
cool use of digital medium,..
makes me think he is 'ras al gul '
he qualifies.

beats me


Mystey Artist said...

Sweet! thanks to TJ I found ur blog! Got a lot of talent there.

Jmontiel said...

A great job. I love the spontaneity of color ... great!

Carles said...

This is awesome! Love the way you treat light. The only thing I could criticize is the white shinings,particularly in the gun it´s very strong from my point of view. Just a detail. Keep going!

Claudio Cerri said...

Great, great and great! I love your art dear Ken!!

Pagas said...


Ken said...

Dennis Cornetta: Thanks dude! It took about 2 hours I guess. I just wish I could have done it quicker! Also, I wasnt happy with the shapes and head and hands etc. But I decided to just move on haha

Neil: Hey dude! You found me. Good luck with those user scenarios, not sure what they are exactly! Cheers for dropping by and for the kind words. You should get a blog!

Pablo: Thanks dude. Yeh just the time it took, and the head. It just wasnt flowing, it felt forced!

Perezvila: haha yeh, I have been experimenting with my blog layout. I decided I didnt like the three columns! Thanks! Just those things I said before. Took too long! Bringing back the tenderness on the next post! haha ;)

Brandon: Cheers Brandon! I know exactly what you mean. Im gonna try that next time though, giving in and starting over. I tend to keep pushing on the same image, so a fresh approach may help me get over the issue!

Tinylittlesandra: Hey thanks Sandra! We looking at the same image? haha. But seriously that means a lot. I do like his right hand though. Glad you digg em!

TJ Lubrano: Thanks TJ - I couldnt work out his feet properly so I made em real sketchy - Im a big cheater. Yeh I am a bit of a perfectionist.. which can be annoying. But the head bugs me, and the overall shapes.. just little things. And the time I spent on it. Far too long! was supposed to be a speedy! Cheers for dropping in! Adious!

Nadia: Haha, well thats because I dont have a job!

Ghettofab: Ill try dude! haha

Justin Rodrigues: Thanks mate! Much appreciated :D

Manoj A Menon: Hello! Thanks for your comment - and I am intrigued you picked up on the colour. Colour is not my strong point, I usually end up with limited colour palettes! Haha Ras Al Gul - could be! Cheers for dropping in mate :D

Mystery Artist: Thanks for the kind words mate - and cheers TJ! Hope to see you back

Jmontiel: Thankyou! :D

Carles: Thanks mate! yes it possibly is too strong, if I work more on it, i will address that, cheers!

Claudio Cerri: Thankyou! The feeling is mutual kind sir!

Pagas: Thanks!