Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Brian May Caricature

Of all my artistic weaknesses, caricature is probably the thing I fear the most. Probably because I find it really hard. I always end up doing a portrait, not exaggerating much, playing it safe. This is probably because, for me, the exaggeration is the hardest part, trying to exaggerate while maintaining a likeness. Its a huge challenge.

Anyway! Its something I plan to work on. So here is a practice piece. Its of one of my favourite guitarists, Brian May. Sorry Brian!

Ken :D

PS: any critiques or caricature advice would be much appreciated!


Duncan Kay said...

Nice Anita Dobson pic mate!


Pablo said...

I feel exactly the same way Kenneth. But you really did a great job on this caricature. I'm sure the more you do it the more you'll know what to push and not push.

GhettoFab said...

hehehe great post Ken! love how you handled his hair. Seriously lovely locks

The Machine said...

Hey Ken,

Thanks for the positive feedback!

I definitely know what you mean about the caricature thing. I'm having the same problem right now in having to do a portrait of myself. Trying to push it but I keep holding back.

This one is looking great though! keep going in this direction.

Good luck on the caricature practice, I'll be back to see what else you come up with.
Thanks for stoppin' by my blog, come back again soon!


The Machine said...

Hey Ken, I just saw your other comment about testing out a caricature of me.

Definitely! go for it!

I'm excited to see what you do. :)


TJ Lubrano said...

Hello hello! Dude this looks awesome! I never tried caricature designs before. Maybe you could have enlarged his nose a bit more and give him curly eye brows hehehe. Just to exaggerate the curly hair. Hmm I don't know haha. Either way, I love the lining and the shading in this piece.

Keep practicing!! Ciao

tinylittlesandra said...

Well, if this is your weakest point, then your not doin to bad my good man!

perezvila™ said...

Hey Ken
i read youtalking about your weakness and you put a smile in my face... you should take a look at my drawings... he, and then we'll see who can talk about weakness...

anyway, here's a link to a woman i Knew on the internet, this posts are made weekly after her carcature workshop.

have a nice day!

Ken said...

Duncan Kay: haha! Well they do look kinda similar! Its all in the hair...

Pablo: Thanks for that. Yeh its all about the practice and getting over that fear of doing it wrong. I guess thats the thing about doing something new, the fear sometimes holds us back. Gotta keep that childlike explorational attitude! Cheers!

GhettoFab: haha thanks. He has some crazy ass hair...! And he still does. I saw him live last year. Still got it

The Machine: Gotta love your avatar name! no worries, thanks for dropping by :) Yeh it is kinda frustrating isnt it? I always seem to end up with more of a portrait than a caricature. Ill be sure to do more caricature here, and yeh, will be back again soon :) Oh and Ill do that caricature of you somepoint soon, should be fun! Thanks for dropping by and for the kind words!

TJLubrano: Thanks! Yeh the nose probably could go larger, but im scared! lol As for curly eyebrows.. who knows haha could work! Thanks for the kind words, Will do, watch this space, more coming soon :D

Tinylittlesandra: aw thanks! I hope you are right :) but its always a challenge to me, I look forward to the day when it comes naturally

Perezvilla: haha, well, I thought you were a photographer? so thats ok! But I guess for me, its always important to know my limits and what I can improve on. And caricature is defo one of them! Thanks for that link, I will check it out! Cheers for dropping in!

Jörn said...

No need to fear about, it's great. Good values and the glance of the eyes ... lol. I would be happy to see more.
PS: My experience with exaggeration is, that it comes automatically.

Claudio Cerri said...

Great job, ken!