Monday, November 30, 2009

Final post!

Well, this is it. My final post of my November Challenge! I did it! Wahey!

Shame the last post is so lame, but its all I got time for. Its my birthday today - 26 - getting old... so I got to go pack and stuff. Going to Australia soon also. So not sure when Ill be posting again, but Ill try to get something up every now and then over the next couple of months. 

Thanks to everyone who has dropped by over the past month and for all the kind words. Its always appreciated!

Ken :D


Neil said...

Happy birthday, well done!

TJ Lubrano said...

WOOOHOO! You did it! I think it's a lovely post! And it's your birthday too!! Happy Happy birthday! Aah if I knew it before, I would have made you a happy bday doodle!! 26 is not old mister!

Oh I probably shouldn't have said mister huh...

Either way! Have all the fun today and enjoy it all! All the luck with the move too! Australia wow! Is it for study? Thanks for sharing your amazing talent the last month. I enjoyed it all and I can't wait to see new stuff from you. But no pressure! Take your time, settle down in Aussie and I'm sure we will all welcome you back ^_^!

Take care! Ciao!!

Ps.: Thanks for letting me cheer! Although I'm quite bad for losing the pom poms every time hehehe.*waves*

Charles Goatley said...

Happy birthday and congrats on finishing your November challenge!

GhettoFab said...

whooo hooooo congrats Ken ( on the post and for being under 30...hold on to that for as long as you can ;)

Wayne B. Medina said...

Happy Birthday m'man! and great last post for the month, very fitting indeed. have fun in the land of oz ken!

Ash Collins said...

happy birthday son!

Pablo said...

Hey Ken congrats on making it thru the month. Have a great and safe trip down under and we'll miss your frequent posts but that just makes it that much better when you do eventually have some time to upload some very cool stuff. Take care.

Abby said...

Happy birthday! You have to admit, it's a great way to end a whole month of daily art posts.

Hope you have a great time in Australia, and be sure to keep in touch. The audience waits with anticipation for your next post! :)

Sarasarasarato said...

Bravo monsieur. Joyeux anniversaire et bon voyage pour quand vous arrivez en Australie.

Everyone speaks French in Melbourne now...

Kyri Kyprianou said...

Happy Birthday Ken (for yesterday!) Enjoy Australia and come back you can post up some great new work!!

Leon Harmon said...

Congrats on the November challenge Ken! It was a killer idea and you delivered.

Brandon said...

congrats! I don't know if I have the discipline to do what you've done. I know that my daily posts would never look this good.

RAWLS said...

phhh... getting old! Great work geezer! You got lots of determination for an old man!

Carles said...

It's been a real pleasure to enjoy your daily posts!, congratulations, thanks a lot and happy birthday!

andrewQuintiliani said...

Finish line crossed! Happy birthday!

tinylittlesandra said...
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tinylittlesandra said...

Happy Last of the November Posts Kenneth! This one looks like you crammed in all the fun of the entire November posts... This one was all you needed after all! ;)
I eagerly away the December posts.

Ken Chandler said...

Congrats Ken! Both on the completion of a solid month of solid work, and for living so long. Keep that going!
Happy Birthday.

Jack Foster said...

Happy belated birthday Ken. I stumbled across your blog and really, really enjoyed scrolling through your amazing work. Great stuff!

Manoj a menon said...

happy birtday ken..

cant beilieve but youre 'just ' 26...?

i just cant belive that i missed almost 10 days of sheer awesomeness.. liked the chics.

liked your b/w speedsketch too.. its awesome as well..

your colours are such a

keep doing that thing..great work

Ken said...

Neil: Cheers mate!!

TJ LUbrano: Yeh! I survived! Somehow... Thanks for the birthday wishes, and the thought of the doodle ;) it means a lot! Yeh I just dont like creeping towards 30 haha. Im now on the other side of 25 and Im scared haha.

As for mister... that doesnt help!!! ;)

Thanks I will do! (Well, I did haha) As for Australia - I am just going for a holiday. My sister lives in Melbourne, so the family are going out for Christmas. Should be fun! Thanks for the kind words, Im blushing now - more stuff coming soon I hope! Im sure Oz will be inspiring.. try and stop me posting :D

Thanks for coming by the past month, for the kind words and support - and for the cheering. It really helped. Hope you got your favourite pom pom back? ;) Take care!

Charles Goatley: Thanks dude!

GhettoFab: Thanks dude! Im holding on by the skin of my teeth haha

Wayne B Medina: Thanks mate! Will do cheers for dropping by!

Ash Collins: Thank you sir!

Pablo: Thanks for the kind words mate - Yeh hopefully Ill still manage some posting in the next couple of months, I dont really want to break the habit! Cheers!

Abby: Thanks! Yeh, it was a good way to end... and a nice present, the relief haha. Thanks, ll be sure to keep posting as much as I can :D

Sarasarasarato: merci beaucoup! I know enough French to kind of know what you said but not enough to write anything back - Ill need to brush up for when I arrive in less than a week...!

Kyri Kyprianou: Thanks mate! I will do :D

Leon Harmon: Thanks mate! Cant take credit for the idea though, but glad it went well! :D

Brandon: Thanks mate thats much appreciated! Although I am not sure I agree with you - I would love to see your daily posts :D

Rawls: haha thanks dude! Need to get a zimmer now...

Carles: Thanks mate! Cheers for watching!

Andrew Quintiliani: Thanks mate!

Tinylittlesandra: Thanks Sandra! Twas a bit rushed. I always imagined the final image to be a culmination of the months learning and work... but er... I drew a monster instead haha! Thanks again!

Ken Chandler: hahaha thanks mate! Ill do my best!

Jack Foster: Thanks dude! Glad you like my work, and thanks for checking out me blog :D

Manoj a Menon: Thanks mate! just 26?? Man, life is passing by too quick for my liking now! Cheers for the kind words, glad you like em. Hopefully get more up here soon :D Cheers for all the comments and support!

Justin Rodrigues said...

I love it looks great. A lot of personality here. Thanks for the kind words as always!

Carl Knox said...

hat's off to a challenge well done my friend.

Looking forward to seeing you again soon down under!

Nicolas P. Villarreal said...

very cool blog kenneth!.


Jason Newkirk said...

Congrats on completing your goal and happy belated birthday Ken! Cheers!

TJ Lubrano said...

Heey Ken! I replied back to your comments, but I'm not sure if you get a I give you the heads up!

You're very welcome for everything ^_^! Oh I thought you were moving to Australia...ehm I checked and you didn't mention it at all hahaha. I made it up (me and my mind...). But it sounds like a lot of fun!

I see, the other side of 25...if you put it that way hehehe. Kidding! You're as young as you feel! I'm still at the other side of 25 though. Sorry for calling you mister...I knew it wasn't a smart move ha!

Have an awesome holiday! Thanks for strolling my blog as well! And who knows...maybe in the future I can still make you a doodle! And of course I won't stop you posting haha! I think I will get angry fans after me hehehe!

Do take care! Ciao!

PS.: Yes I got a package delivered yesterday...the sophisticated detective gentleman you made, found the pom pom hidden in a box somewhere in a boat on a river. Yes. I also looked like that o_O.

Ken said...

Yo TJ! Lol ok! Now I feel really stoopid! Deray is her username haha I thought it might have been some festival or something. Woooops.

In response to your responses - I know what you mean, we all have ideas about people and whats going on in their heads, I never stop wondering what people are up to. Of course, sometimes I wish I hadnt found out...! And yes. I stare at people and then use them for my twisted illustrative means mwuhuhuhu. Keep experimenting in photoshop, youre doing mighty well. Oh and I agree - we are as young as we feel. I still feel like a teenager. But I act with the wisdom and maturity of someone in their early 20's lol. Make the most of that! Sure, make me that doodle sometime, my next bday perhaps?! Anyhoo got to go, flying to oz today! Take care, lookin forward to updates!

PS... glad you got the package! He wanted to keep it for himself but I ordered him to post it to ya asap O_O