Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hand and arm studies

Just some quick studies. Ive noticed that Im trying to draw stuff I cant draw out my head. Which means I need to study more! I wanna push my work to the next level... getting tired of cartoooooony all the time.

Got to dash! A day of talks awaits.

Ken :D


Carl Knox said...

study gooood! Nice one! I'm right behind you on the arm study!!! :P

perezvila™ said...

have a nice days of talks!

Pablo said...

Nice ones Kenneth. Were always studying to improve and to further our skills. Always nice to have a variety in styles in your repertoire.

michael robertson said...

nice drawings-you're inspiring me to push my work as well!

messytimbo said...

wow looks of great new work! i really love these studies! you did a sterling job.

Andy Mac said...

Do you ever feel like you're in an mmorpg and your leveling up your skill through exp points?

Ive got a demon coming up, its called the real world after uni demon. And if i havent leveled up to lvl 34 at least by then its going to waste my sorry ass.

So whats it like at lvl 56 man :D ?

Jeremy said...

Beautiful studies and really impressive that you're pushing yourself! You're very talented! Thanks for sharing your work.

Ash Collins said...

yeah, good stuff, what did you use for reference?

TJ Lubrano said...

Very very nice!! I do need to study arms/hands/feet again! Yours look really good!

Do you have some tips for books that you use?


Ken said...

Carl Knox: Yeh its food for a hungry artist! haha. Good man, we should compare arm notes!

Perezvila: Thanks!! I will try! (or did haha)

Pablo: Cheers dude. Yeh for sure, I dont like to limit myself, and Im never happy with what Im drawing like. Which is good and bad, but mostly good!

Michael Robertson: Cheers dude, and wow, cool! Glad its inspiring haha

Messytimbo: Thanks mate! Much appreciated :D

Andy: haha. Good analogy mate. It is like that, leveling up. And the only way to level up is to keep playing and practicing and complete new challenges! As for the world after uni demon - just do what you can to be ready for it when it comes! Its not as bad as it feels, I remember the feeling of a void and not knowing what to do. But you got skills, and you got experience already which is half the battle. Just do what you do in a mmorpg, and keep pushing til you beat each challenge, youre gonna do great things man. haha level 56? Ill tell ya when I get there... Im still hovering around level minus 56! Cheers dude!

Jeremy: Thanks for the kind words! Its much appreciated mate

Ash Collins: Cheers dude, I used just images from google, or from magazines. Anywhere really!

TJ Lubrano: Cheers! Tips for books? Well I usually just use google to find images. But I can recommend a book called "Facial Expressions" by Mark Simon. Its a great resource for studying the face with!

Nadia said...

looking goooood! I kinda love everything you make btw :P