Sunday, November 15, 2009


This one is for you Dan! At long last!

I would write more but Zatoichi is coming on the TV!

Ken :D


Tom Jones said...

Great blog dude. I really love the pic you did for your Grandpa. Nice work.

GhettoFab said...

Love this guys strut! And I grabbed your arms studies for studyin :)

youre rockin this Ken

Chris said...

Cool style!!

TJ Lubrano said...

You know, I think he is humming a tune! He just looks so happy ^_^!

I usually also surf around the web and take pictures I study. I love Imaginism Studios and then especially Kei & Bobby! I love their work! I often studies Kei's work. Thanks so much for the tip! I will look into that!

Glad you liked the awards! And I really find your blog interesting! I can easily use your images for study material! You have awesome skills! So if you don't mind, I will stalk you ^_^! Dramatic gestures huh? I can't wait to see that hahaha

Take care,

Ken said...

Tom Jones: Thanks mate! For the kind words and for dropping by. Hope to see you again!

Ghettofab: Cheers! haha oh I wouldnt use them, they are wonky! Thanks man, rock on!

Chris: Cheers!

TJ Lubrano: Yeh you could be right! I wonder which tune though... Yeh Kei and Bobby have great work, a really nice style. And its fun too, which appeals to me! Yeh Keis work is very charming, I can see why it appeals to you. I think your work has that charming vibe also! Cheers for the kind words - I wish I agreed with the awesome skills part haha. Sure stalk away, as long as its limited to the blogosphere haha! Dramatic gestures coming up! Thanks and take care - Ken :D

TJ Lubrano said...

Hey Ken! I totally overlooked your response here. Oh wow! You really think my work has a similar vibe! How cool is that! Kei is one of my ultimate favorite illustrators!

Oh guess what! She commented on my blog a few weeks back! I was so happy and a bit in shock haha! I didn't expect it at all ^_^.

Thanks for your lovely words! Ciao

Ken said...

TJ Lubrano: Hey TJ, yeh I have a habit of replying here to everyone, and sometimes I forget that the people I am replying to may never read them! Yeh for sure! She is a mighty talent, I can see why you like her work so much. Im sure she is a huge inspiration style wise etc, its good to find an artist to admire and even learn from! Haha, I know how it feels! I must say its always a nice surprise when artists I admire drop by and comment here. No worries! take care :D

DanDanger said...


At last a horsey ^_^ I shall call him nibbin.