Sunday, November 08, 2009

James Bond!


I watched James Bond, Quantum of Solace tonight, so I decided to draw me own take on the man himself. I don't know why no one seems to like this film, I think its pretty good!

Until next time

Ken :D


tinylittlesandra said...

Gosh, You've been busy... I've been lazy. Sorry I ant been by in a while. Love all of these pieces! Some real slick work going on here. I'll get my act together, and stay more updated :)

Carl Knox said...

I'll have mine shaken.. not gulped. :P

maarten said...

i havent stopped by in a while. really nice to see your new works man. love your charicature of craig... ive tried doing a character of him before but he has such an appealing face its easy to get stuck in the detaills.
i havent seen quantum of solace yet by the way, you think its better then casino royale?

Desiree Cassidy said...

Sweet pic! I loved that movie too :)

Peter Breese said...

Nice buddy! I certainly didn't dislike the film, it was very hard to follow Casino Royale - which was brilliant. I think everyone had overly high expectations as a result of the first film.

Ken said...

tinylittlesandra: I do try!! haha no worries, I would say get posting more, but your obviously having too much fun out in oz! Cheers for dropping by, much appreciated

Carl Knox: The only way!

Maarten: Cheers dude! I kinda answered the rest on your blog!

Desiree Cassidy: Thanks! And yeh! Another fan!

Peter Breese: Thanks mate! Yeh I know what you mean, I guess that was part of the problem! Sure it didnt match Casino (especially on the theme song front) but I still enjoyed. Looking forward to the next bond film :D