Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Only 6 more!

Trying to get more painterly with my... well... painting. So experimenting with different brushes. Only 6 more posts to go! Woo!

Ken :


Adrian Lubbers said...

Keep 'em coming my friend ... keep 'em coming!!

I agree too. I really have a tough time keeping paint "painterly".

TJ Lubrano said...

Oh no! Your trademark smile is unfinished.

I love the colors you used in this one ^_^! Hang in there Ken (man I sound kinda dramatic huh...). I will cheer a bit more.


Yusuke Sato said...
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Yusuke Sato said...

Painterly awesome. lol

At our school, we're required to have things like: Business card, website, demo reel, dvd, dvd cases, etc etc. And the flatbook's part of what we need, so we can give it to companies and stuff... But I also heard that the flatbook trend is fading away and it's just mainly the website that really counts (I don't know how true that is). But oh well, it's kinda cool to have my own little book of creations anyways :)

Scott Altmann said...

nice one! love the color

Kyri Kyprianou said...

Good stuff Ken. I enjoyed your Brian May!

messytimbo said...

coolio, lots of lovely work lately. keep it coming kenny

kaunchen said...

Nice!!love the color and also love the gun one :)

Neil said...

You should definitely enter this, get a bit of your work in Crackdown 2 and your name in the credits!


perezvila™ said...

I can't seem to understand why this daily post is going to be over!!!!

RAWLS said...

You ROCK!!

Ken said...

Adrian Lubbers: Doing my best dude!! Yeh, its defo a challenge. Especially using fake paint!

TJ Lubrano: Oh! So it is.. haha. I must have been having a bad day :D Yeh thats dramatic... but Im on the edge... thanks for the encouragement!

Yusuke Sato: Cheers haha. Oh cool, sounds good. Hmmm, I dont know about you, but I dont bother much with trends... just do what works! For sure, having the book can only be a good thing!

Scott Altmann: Thanks mate!

Kyri Kyprianou: Thanks dude! Oh Dr Brian hehe yeh, his hair was fun!

Messytimbo: Thanks dude, more coming!

Kaunchen: Thanks! Cheers for dropping by

Neil: Thanks for the heads up mate! I might just do that. You gonna enter?

Perezvila: Haha, because my challenge was for one month! And next month I will be really busy... :D but I might do it again at some point

Rawls: Why thank you sir! You have out me in the mood to play my guitar haha