Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sketch... again

I ran out of time today, so I had to upload this speed sketch thing I did a few days ago. Its a bit lame, but better than nothing right!?

Got to dash. Ill catch up with everyones comments soon! Cheers!

Ken :D


Duncan Kay said...


Nice - reminds me of Beneath a Steel Sky on the mighty AMIGA

RAWLS said...

I like your lame work man... it's SO much better than nothing!!

tinylittlesandra said...

Nah, man - this is really nice; the composition and mood... very Charles Dickinson ... e... ;) This is some awesome ''Lame'' stuff.

TJ Lubrano said...

Wow this really has a mysterious feeling all over it! I really like it ^_^!

And you call this lame huh...

- x T и - said...

awesome, man!

Jörn said...

This is breathtaking atmospheric. Nice mood. Are you playing Doom currently?

Pablo said...

I really like the overall mood in this speed sketch. I'm really enjoying your recent speed sketches.

Ken said...

Duncan Kay: Oh yeh! I used to play that on PC - i see what ya mean!

Rawls: Haha thanks dude, thats encouraging!

Tinylittlesandra: Thanks Sandra. Imagine if I'd tried! haha. But seriously, cheers. Yeh Was goin for an industrial smog feel..

TJ Lubrano: Thanks TJ! Yeh, I wonder who is behind that lone window on the tower... mysterious :D

xTu: Thanks!

Jorn: Thanks dude - no, I havent played doom in years! But perhaps it reflects my mood... :D

Pablo: Thanks mate, yeh Ive liked where some of them went. But I have a ton on my hard drive that didnt go anywhere!