Monday, November 16, 2009

"Speed paint"

Hello! Ok so this started out as a bit of a speedpaint, but I spent more time on it than I usually allow for a speedie. So I guess its a more refined speedpaint. It also reflects another of my weaknesses - environments. I need more practice with em. 

I was gonna talk a bit about the NEON event that went over the weekend up here in Dundee, but I dont have much to say. It was good! There were some great people here for the event such as Bud Luckey, the animator and character designer from Pixar, and also the creator of some famous Sesame Street animations. There was also Tommy Tallarico, the genius behind the music of many famous game titles (and also, Steven Tylers cousin! That was the highlight of the weekend for me, finding that out! haha!) and co-creator of video games live. Then were was extensive local talent from the games industry giving talks such as Richard Scott of Axis Animations, Colin Anderson from Denki, and reps from Realtime worlds and Ruffian Games (Sorry I forgot the names!). There were many other speakers and such from other areas of the creative media and digital arts but I wont list them all here. Yeh so, all in all, it was a good weekend, met some cool people, heard some cool talks. My only complaint was it was a bit expensive! Ah well.. this is Dundee. Things like this dont happen often!

Also! I would like to say thanks to miss TJ Lubrano, for the kind words, the awards and for the inclusion on her favourite blog list - tis an honour! I probably wont do the answering questions thing myself coz Ive done that before a while back - and Im not interesting enough to justify doing it again haha. Cheers TJ!

Until next time 

Ken :D


Wayne B. Medina said...

This is pretty awesome being this is one of your weaknesses ken. maybe add bit of some warm colors for the lighting *shrugs* like it's becoming dawn...heh i suck at this lol. man i need to do some environments as well

anywhoo it sounds like you had a blast man. we're gonna have the CTN Expo here in california this weekend..i hope it was is fun for me as it was for you. and i know about the prices. yeesh!

Carl Knox said...

i hate you and your speedies!!!! :P

Kei Phillips said...

I think it looks great! really nice

Manoj a menon said...


let me begin it this way by saying what a fabulous site and blog you have.. beats me to see such rendering skills
i liked all your
and you've got a thing about all those girls..
sheer beauty.
we should work together one day.

absolute eyecandy.

your friend

tinylittlesandra said...

This is really great Kenneth, I love it. Very atmospheric and moody ;)
As for my yo yo animation, actually, hes a teacher of sorts to me now, and I can only dream to work where he does so.. he'd see it and everyone at the company would have seen his too... you know. Onwards!

Jose Ramos said...

Great work Mark , i love it!!

TJ Lubrano said...

Haha! Thank you Ken for your lovely dramatic speech! Don't worry, there were no questions to be answered! I probably won't do it anymore myself. It's fun when you start blogging, not that I'm an experienced blogger...but you know what I mean -_-'.

Anyway! NEON sounds soo cool! Glad you had so much fun, it softens the pain of spending so much on the price I think heheh!

The speedpainting looks really cool! I never done that before, so I don't have any tips. But you know what they say...practice, practice, practice :D.


perezvila™ said...

hey ken... is funny how you begin.. i dont have much to say... hahah
good morning......

oh!! and i really like this one. he has that... attitude of being at the final edge of the world

Carles said...

I think the environment is great! It looks quite simple but it´s so expressive. Pure impressionism.

GhettoFab said...

very nice speedy!

Ken said...

Wayne B Medina: Thanks dude, I think Im slowly getting the hang of things. The warm lighting sounds like a good suggestion! I might give it a go! Cheers! Oh the CTN expo looks good - Peter De Seve will be there? Jealous! Wish I could go! Enjoy it mate, have a rockin time!

Carl Knox: That hurts man! Cuts me deep! :D

Kei Phillips: Cheers!

Manoj a Menon: Thank you for the kind words! It means a lot! Will reply you on your blog. Ken :D

Tinylittle Sandra: Thanks Sandra! Ahh! Fair doos on the yo yo project! But Im sure youll come up with something else to make a cool animation out of. :D

Jose Ramos: Thanks dude!

TJ Lubrano: Im good at dramatic speaches! lol. Oh so I didnt get any questions? haha now I am dissappointed! I jest. Yeh it can be cool, its a good way of getting people noticed around the blogs, and sharing artists who inspire. Yeh Neon was cool! Although its still a bit painfull really haha. Ah well. Maybe something good will come of it. You are right - the 3 p's. Thanks for the kind words, see you soon!

Perezvilla: haha good morning to you too! Yes I am glad you feel that... I wanted it to feel something like that... though its still not epic enough!!!

Carles: Thankyou! Ahh impressionism, thanks for the comparison!

Ghettofab: Cheers matey!

Wouter Tulp said...

nice colors!

Ken said...

Wouter Tulp: thanks!

Anonymous said...

Well, I for one think this environment turned out great! Nice composition, a good sense of atmosphere and that splash of red is nice on the character.

Keep up the good work.