Sunday, November 01, 2009

Yakkity Yak

Hello! A yak! More about that in a sec.

But first, thanks to everyone who offered me critiques and feedback on my previous post, its much appreciated. I will reply to all the comments sometime this week, and apply the advice to the image when I get a second to work on it!

Now the Yak. I have been such a lazy blogger recently, so I have decided to set myself a challenge. Every day in November I am going to post on my blog - a doodle, a sketch - anything at all, in a bid to get myself drawing more and of course blogging more. I feel my drawing is getting a bit rusty, so this could be a good way of keeping the drawing skills oiled. So expect a post every day for the whole of November (unless some "act of God" prevents me from doing so... of course) and I will finish this mini challenge on the 30th. Which also happens to be my birthday. I have a feeling I am going to hate blogging by the end of the month and so it would be a most welcome birthday present!

Anyhoo, the yak is the first drawing of the month. I don't know why I drew a yak, but I've been itching to for a while. Shame it turned out a bit blah. I always disappoint myself...

Until next time!

Ken :D


Yusuke Sato said...

Great stuff as usual! nice yak lol

Loving the previous illustration too, so peaceful and silly. I probably like the one without the tree on the left. Just cause' it feels more open.

I've been lazy with the blog too, but now I'm back on the boat :)

perezvila™ said...

hey Ken.
i loke your drawings, and i prise your desition...
but i hope you end this expirience happier than you started it...
(not hating it by the end...)
i'll be here every day supporting you...

that's what i like about my blog... it makes me feel like going out to take pictures...
(even when it's not even thid time as popular as yours!!!!)


have a good night... and enjoy drawingand blogging.

andrewQuintiliani said...

Great idea! I really wish I had time to do something similar.

Ken Chandler said...

Good luck with the sketch challenge. I'll be back around to see what you come up with. I'm sure it will be amazing. Try to keep your sanity.

Ken said...

Yusuke Sato: Thankyou! And cheers for the feedback on my illustration. Yeh I agree with you, I think I will go for no tree to preserve that openness. Glad to hear you are back on the blogging train also! I will pop by in T minus 5... :D

Perezvila: Hello! Thanks for that, yes I hope so too. Maybe I will be surprised and actually enjoy it haha. And thanks for the support! Yes I think the blogging thing can really help motivate people to make work, so I hope my challenge gets me on track. Thanks again, and cheers for popping in!

AndrewQuintiliani: I cant take credit for the idea haha and yeh, I wish I had time too lol! :D

Ken Chandler: Thanks Ken, we shall see what comes out of this. Maybe more lame yak sketches haha! Cheers for popping in :D

LornaSmithStudio said...

yakkity Yak :O)
I like a challange...good luck. I would love to post every day buut life always gets in the way. love L x

Anonymous said...

We are french musicians and we look for a picture for our music group. We fall in love with your Yak. Would you be okay if we use this picture for our myspace? Thanks and congratulations for your drawings.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
My name is Samantha Whipple and I'm from Palmer, Alaska. I work at a church and we are about to open a youth center called "The YAK" which stands for Youth-AK (Alaska). We are looking for a sketch of a yak and we found the one on your blog through google. We are wondering if we could have your permission to use the drawing.
Please let us know, and thank you for your time.
Lazy Mountain Bible Church
Palmer, Alaska 99645, USA