Monday, January 25, 2010

At long last... the premiere!

image copyright pathe... it aint mine!

Hello Everyone!

First off, happy 2010 to everyone! I hope the first month has been a good one for everyone. And yes, I have been a bad blogger - Ive been a bit distracted being in Australia, with family, surfing and freelance work, so I apologise for not replying to everyones comments sooner. I will get around to it when I get some free time! Thanks to everyone who continues to drop by and finds the time to comment on my work, as usual its always appreciated :D

Now to the point of this post - it has just come to my attention that the film I was working on for the best part of a year and a half (The Illusionist, directed by Sylvain Chomet) is due to premiere in February at the Berlin international film festival - this is very exciting news, I never thought I would see it finished haha!

For anyone interested, check out this link:

Anyhoo I hope the world is excited. Go check it out when it arrives in your area! Which I hope it will. Until next time, which hopefully wont be too long...

Ken :D


Nadia said...

aaawww dude, that just looks delicious. Bigger resolution pleaso!

TJ Lubrano said...

Heey Ken! Glad to see a post of you again! How are you these days? That looks so cool! It must be so exciting for you to see the final result. I hope they release it here as well!

Oh! I recall something; a few posts back you showed an illustration, with a dark overall feeling and a tower where one window had a this from the animation as well?

Take care ^_^

Anonymous said...

Is this the Chomet movie with the stolen script?

Edward W.C. said...

Brilliant, do you know if there's any showings here in Aussie (
My Googling skills says nil). doh!

Belleville was the shiz, the seamless 3D, sweet as.

What you're doing now is what
I want to reach. Awesome awesome.

RAWLS said...

Can't wait to see it!!

Wayne B. Medina said...

Glad to see you back Ken! sounds like you are having a blast my friend! yeah i'll check out the movie when it comes through.

Brandon said...

Congrats, my friend!

Justin Rodrigues said...

Congrats man! Looks awesome!

Jörn said...

Congrats too. The pic looks soo good,very moodfull. Would like to see a comic like this!

Claudio Cerri said...

Awesome work! I love it! If you can, please put here with a big res!! See you soon!

libra bear said...


maarten said...

damn it looks amazing! im excited to see it!! i wonder when itll be in theatres here..

tinylittlesandra said...

Welcome back! And congrats, thats great news - I cant wait to see it! Though I doubt it will be out over here... DVD maybe when I get home. Either way, I'll be sure to cheer when your name comes up :P

irn said...



Kyri Kyprianou said...

Woohoooo! I've been waiting for ages to see this! I keep Googling to see if any release date has been mentioned. It must be soon I guess!

Anonymous said...

Oh! these scene is really beautifull!!! A sad gray day, very nice composition, and old town, cool characters, specific details... it's... PERFECT!! :D
love it!

Andy Mac said...

Fantastic dude, looking forward to seeing it!

Is the scene you posted one you were involved in?

Anonymous said...

Nice! Kinda of reminds me of the Triplets of Belvedere. If it's anything like that film I can't wait.

A.J. Bell said...

I've been waiting for this movie since 2006. It's so exciting to finally hear that it's making its way to the silver screen. I hope you're proud!

Ken said...

Nadia: Wish I could help you there but I dont own those images and I dont have a bigger one.. youll just have to wait for the cinema release haha!! :D

TJ Lubrano: Oh Im good thanks, in lazy blogger mode haha. Been busy travelling etc. Yes it is exciting, it has been a long time coming, I wasnt sure I would ever see this day! Hopefully It will be released somewhere near you :) OH and sorry for the late response, like I said Ive been a real bad blogger haha. That image you are talking about, no I dont think it had anything in connection with this. I hope not, I shouldnt have posted it if it did haha! Hope you are good. Ill be back to blogging properly in a month or so looking forward to checking out your blog again :D take care!

Anonymous: Hi, thats an interesting thing to say. What do you mean by that?

Edward W.C: Well its still to be premiered and then potentially bought by a distributer. Its early days but I do hope its gonna get some kind of world wide release... even if to more arty cinemas. Or Dvd haha. Who knows, will have to wait and see. Yeh Belleville was cool, not sure how this will compare though...

RAWLS: Nor me! Woo exciting! Hope youre good man :D

Wayne B medina: Yeh I kinda came back then disappeared again haha. Ill be back more permanently in a month or so. :D Good stuff!

Brandon: Cheers! Though I didnt do a huge job on the film, every little counts yeh? hehe

justin Rodrigues: cheers - look out for it!!

Jorn: Yeh it would make a very nice comic! The film does look nice, what ive seen so far.

Claudio Cerri: Ah I cant I dont have a big res or anything, I only worked on a small part of the film - look out for it in cinemas sometime man!


Maarten: Yeh its a good looking film! No idea when, Im wondering too. Could be a while though I guess...

tinylittlesandra: Well I hope it will be out over there in the land of oz! I cant think why not, although its not a mainstream animated film I guess. We shall have to wait and see. haha... I do hope my name is on there. Otherwise I will cry and throw stuff at the screen... haha!

Irn: woooooo!

Kyri Kyprianou: Check after the premiere mate! I think at the premiere there will be a chance of a distributer buying or something... but probably not before :D let me know if you hear anything though!

Pato Pagnucco: Yeh it is very beautiful! I cant take credit for any of that unfortunately... But it is visually stunning, try and see it if you can :D

Andy Mac: yeh me too! Hmmmmm I cant honestly remember mate. I dont think I worked on either of these two characters in this scene. Defo not the guy in the car. HMM. I think no. Unfortunately haha.

Jberd: Well its similar in style, but perhaps not in story etc! Check it out though!

AJBELL: wow, thats a long time to be waiting! I am happy it is finally seeing the light of day, fora while I wasnt sure haha. it was a long time coming, lets hope it was worth the wait :D

Nadia said...

Can't wait!!! :D

vjarumugam said...

congratulations on the film part!:) and lovely explorations of characters and concept arts.

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