Monday, February 22, 2010

Dragon! will be back to posting soon :D


Just a little post to keep this blog ticking over until I get back to the UK in a couple of weeks. Expect more blogging activity from me then!

Ive even included an animated progress image for anyone interested!

PS: Hmm watching this gif, I reckon there are some changes I made that shouldnt have like the right wing for example... I might go back and change some things in light of watching this process!


Carl Knox said...

bahhahha.... it's finished! leave it alone!!! :P

killer dragon dude. me likes the colours.... unexpected.

TJ Lubrano said...

Heey Ken! How nice to see a post of you! How are you?

Man! This dragon is awesome! I love to see the progress! Love the details in the wings and the neck. Yes I can't really say anything else, because I basically love it all ^_^. The colors are very nice too.

Have awesome time! Cya

RAWLS said...

That's great dude!!

A_M said...

Good Dragon Ken!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice stuff..........


Charles Goatley said...

Excellent dragon.

I agree with the first comment - the picture is finished and looks awesome as it is. Always good to see your progress gifs too.

Sarasarasarato said...

Wow! Back to the UK so soon! Back to Chomet? Awesome to see blog updates again, sir! Love the dragon's primordial shark teeth.

charco said...

I just googled 'concept artist' and you came up at 6th place. Congrats!

Paul's Paper Escapade said...

Seeing the process is so cool!! Thank you -- it's a beautiful illustration

Ken said...

Carl: haha thanks - not sure I agree with the finished bit though! But ill leave it for now :D

TJ Lubrano: Hey TJ! Im good thanks, how are you? Thanks for coming back to my old blog after all this while :D

And thanks for the kind words! Glad ya like it :) Ill be back in the UK soon, so will be back to posting more regularly! Im gonna drop by your blog soon... I need to catch up on everyones blogs. I got a crazy week ahead so after that Ill be back on blogging form. Cheers and take care!

Rawls: Thanks matey!! :D

A_M: Thanks man!

Charles Goatley: Thanks dude! Its good to hear people think it looks finished enough. I am never too sure on that front... Cheers for dropping by!

Sarasarasarato: Thanks mate! Yeh Im going back on the 9th of March - dont know if you got time for a sketch meet? OR if I do for that matter! Not back to Chomet haha. Back to the old freelancing, will see how that goes.

Charco: Yo dude! Hows things?? Hmm I checked that, but I didnt see my website!

Pauls paper escapade: Thanks mate, much appreciated! :D

Ken Chandler said...

I think it will be a while until I feel safe rock climbing again. Inspired work Ken!

Mimi Cortazar said...

cool work.

Adrian Lubbers said...

Nice work Ken.

Australia? Are3 you back? Did you love it?

Claudio Cerri said...

Wonderful, and thank you for the step by step.

Hans said...

Hey Ken! Been a long time! Your stuff just gets better and better. Great to see the progress in this one. Working on a dragon myself I'll try to finish up soon and post.

Hope all is well:)


Hans said...

are you working on cintiq?

Laura Braga said...

Hi Ken!! :)
The gif is!!
I love this last great!

** CIAO **

LornaSmithStudio said...

hello there,
Just ready the article in the Herald that you posted regarding the film you worked on. Well done you :O) have you seen it yet? I'll keep an eye out for it cause I loved Belleville Rendezvous. Hope you had a lovely time in Australia..not jeleous AT ALL!!!
Lorna x

Danarchy said...

Holy crap. I cant believe how good you have gotten!!!!

Scott Altmann said...

that is freakn awesome man -seriously