Saturday, March 27, 2010



I am back. Again. So soon? Yes... I have been busy and will be busy, updating my portfolio. Which means weeding out the stuff thats really crap and leaving in the stuff thats the best I can do haha. Anyway, I identified some things my folio was lacking. As far as character design goes, I thought I could do with more variations on a theme - hence the 3 golfers! And no Im not into golf. But thats why I did them, its good to draw things you wouldnt normally draw...

Alright I gotta dash, going out for dinner - before I run, check out this production blog:

A few people I know are working on a short film, and this blog is documenting their progress. As I think you will agree, its looking pretty awesome... good luck guys, cant wait to see it!

Be back soon.

Ken :D


tinylittlesandra said...

Great to have you back amoung us buddy :) And with such treats for the eyes... great stuff, the guy to the left of screen is my fav.

Carl Knox said...

LOVE... these dude! awesome shapes and colour.

TJ Lubrano said...

Heeey Ken!
I really like these players! The last expression is so cool! He looks like 'Erm I can't believe I whacked the ball in that direction..." I never played golf. Well wait, I did play midget golf...almost whacked my sisters head...yes. It was best I would stop playing. So no professional career for me hehe.

Yes, I will post the pirate when I finished it. There's also a pirate penguin haha! I have the same thing with my school work. When it gets tough, reading the comments cheers me up instantly! I'm really grateful for them ^_^.

Oh what my thesis is about? I wrote a post about it a while back. I shall not link drop though. I'm glad the drawings cheer you up haha. Sometimes it seems like they get a life of their own!


Ken said...

tinylittle sandra: Thanks Sandra! Yeh? He is my least fav haha. I think I like number 3 for some reason... its all subjective anyway aint it!Cheers for the comment :D

Carl Knox: Thanks buddy! Hows things down under?! You still missing me..? haha!

TJ Lubrano: Thanks TJ! Yeh that would be my facial expression if I ever managed to hit a ball with a golf club... I tried it once but like you Im not very good.. so i stick to crazy golf and wii golf haha! Although even then I am liable to hit people in the head ;)

Lookin forward to the pirate penguin! Yeh its amazing how something so simple can make us happy haha. Ohh ok, Ill check through your blog and see if I can find your thesis post. Cheers for dropping by, always appreciated! Ken :D