Friday, March 26, 2010

Time to get back on track...

Word up folks!

How are you all out there? I feel so disconnected. Ive been back in the UK now 2 weeks, so its high time I get my ass in gear and tend to my neglected blog, and catch up with everyone on the blogosphere! To kick start things again, heres a turn around of a pirate I did for my portfolio. ARR!

Thanks to everyone who dropped by and left comments, critiques and so on while I was galavanting around the world. Its always appreciated, even if I have fallen behind on replying to everyone. Apologies for that!

So, whats new? Well Im back home and tending to my freelance business. Now that Im fairly settled again, I intend to push things further with the freelancing: Im aiming for some new clients, and hoping of course to do more work with my existing ones. I dont wanna say to much about my goals in case I end up jinxing myself. But anyhoo, I got a lot of work ahead of me, and I have a few projects in the pipeline, so watch this space!

Ive noticed that I am 4 people away from 200 blog followers... how cool... I will have to think of a nice surprise for my 200th follower!!

Anyway, until next time, peace!! Ill be checking out you crazy bloggers soon. Oh yes. 

Ken :D


Pablo said...

Ken! Great to see you back!! Great Blackbeard character and Turnaround. As always top notch work. Wishing you the best for future work and new clients.

TJ Lubrano said...

Heeey Ken!!! It sure has been a while, but I’m glad your back ^_^! I love this character! I really like his expression! Oh I turned a friend also in a pirate hehe.
Well I'm sure you will do fine with your freelance work! I'll be definitely tagging along your creative journey.

I'm doing good. Aww thanks so much for your compliment mister! Oooh doodle ideas lost forever...I’m pretty sure that is a doodle idea in itself haha!

Yes. I know how to procrastinate hehe. But if all goes well my thesis is done soon and then...even more drawings! Prepare....

I shall stop this ramble comment. Take care & enjoy your weekend!

Ps.: I'm honored to be included in your fellow blogger list! Thanks so much :D

Manoj a menon said...

hiyo kenny...

that was a long vacation..
i remember you waving off to australia..
feels gret to have you back...
i shouldnt complaint either..i was away as well.

keep posting..
the 'jolly roger' rocks!! btw


Ken said...

Pablo: Thanks dude! Good to be back :D thanks for the kind words, its what keeps me goin haha

Tj Lubrano: TJ! Good to see here after all this time hehe. Thanks! Glad ya like it - you should post your friend/pirate image?? Lets hope so, will see how the freelance cookie crumbles :D When times are tough, the support from you guys in the blogosphere really helps! Glad yer doin good, and I hope ya get that thesis under control... whats it aboot? Good show, lookin forward to more of your cute drawings. They tend to cheer me up. Anyhoo, cheers for droppin by, its always a pleasure. Take care!

PS: Tis also a pleasure :)

Manoj a Menon: Dude! Good to see you! Yes it was a long time, but it wasnt all play.. was doing work too, honest! haha! But yeh it does feel a long time. Where did you go? Thanks for the comments, and thanks for dropping by my blog after all this time! Ken :D