Monday, March 29, 2010


Hey everyone! 

Tis me again. Got another update - a sketch I coloured up quickly for my portfolio. Sometimes the simplest and speediest of doodles capture my interest more than things Ive taken yonks on... this is one of them. For some reason I liked the sketch, despite it being a year or so old... most of my sketches have a sell by date of a week haha!

Anyhoo, I wouldn't mind peoples opinions on good character design/illustration portfolio content? Any ideas?

Until next time,

Ken :D 


TJ Lubrano said...

Hey Ken! I like his expression and his pointy chin! Man, he could seriously hurt some with hehe. For a troll he doesn't look that scary!

Can't wait to see the next one ^_^

Carl Knox said...

I've always like your self portraits Ken! :D

Great shapes and I'm still jealous of your ease with colours.

Jampix said...

Great stuff Ken!! :)

Jmontiel said...

Very expresive! Great work!

Michael Doig said...

You could try showing a character aging, starting from a youngster, to teenage, then middle aged and old, and see if you can capture the same feeling and essence of the character in each?

Brandon said...

This is a great one Ken. I think you were right to revisit this one. I know what you mean by "sell by date" too :) That just means you're constantly improving.

michael robertson said...

this is truly awesome, ken. the way you handled the mouth is perfect. great work, as always!

Ken said...

TJ: For sure, thats one dangerous looking chin! He doesnt look too scarey I agree... but who says all trolls are eh? Cheers for droppin by! :)

Carl Knox: haha! It does kind of look like me... ease of colours? Dude this was my third attempt or something! Thanks tho!

Jampix: Thanks mate!

Michael Doig: Good idea! I might give that a bash...

Brandon: Thanks mate - I hope it means that! I guess its good to never be too satisfied with ones work... otherwise it just gets stale and never improves!

Michael Robertson: Thanks mate! Sometimes the quickest of sketches just seem to click better than thought out drawings... cheers for dropping in!

maarten said...

hey ken!
I see your posting again! youve been unusually inactive for the last couple of months.
great man, i love your recent stuff. Especially the golfers man, they are so SICK.
It makes me realise how important shape gesture and character design is. I mean I know it, but I get caught up in other aspects sometimes I guess.
extremely inspiring dude, thanks for sharing. I especially like the two on the right, their shapes and gesture are really appealing.
btw you commented a day too early! haha, i posted my portfolio yesterday. Maybe you could give me your 2 cents, Id love to hear what you think.

maarten said...

hey dude, im good, good, thanks. now that i submitted my portfolio it feels like a weight of my shoulders.. ive been chilling abit and skateboarding haha, you know taking things easy for a week.

Australia, awesome dude, you are australian right?

The portfolio is for a school in france. haha a job, i wish.
I have looked at the portfolios from people from that school and have tried to put in similar things. They mainly consisted of character drawings and bgs.

graphical style, is that a good or a bad thing? haha. someone told me that i draw too much in the same style and i can understand why he said that, but i guess its caused more by my limitations then by choice you know?
right now im not even sure how i feel about my portfolio, on the one hand i think it couldve been better, on the other if I look at my portfolio from last year it is a big improvement for sure. I mean serious my portfolio last year was horrible haha.
So where are you working now, after the illusionist? Didnt you say you were free lancing?

Adrian Lubbers said...

How do you expect others to keep up with your skills when you keep raising the bar? Great shapes and color.

pat said...

I came across your blog via Sarah's blog...great work, man.

Steve Harpster said...

Great troll face and great blog. I'll have to keep checking this blog out.

Ken said...

Maarten: Ill reply on your blog mate!

Adrian Lubbers: haha, same to you bud! Thanks :D

Pat: Thanks man! Which Sarah btw?

Steve Harpster: Thanks mate! Cheers for dropping in :)

Emerson Fialho Art Blog said...

Parabéns pelo excelente trabalho!
Paz, saúde e sucesso para você.

Ótima ilustração! :D