Sunday, April 18, 2010

Attack of the spider bots!

Wassup folks!

So... continuing with my experimentations. I was reading the book "Mechanika" by Doug Chiang and it inspired me to create a robot piece. Along with Supreme Commander, the excellent RTS game. Anyone a fan out there?

While I mention it, I really recommend Doug's book. It covers a lot of interesting techniques from markers to digital, and a lot of advice on things from portfolios to work process. A really good book. Check it out. Go!!

So, I was trying a few things with this piece. Mainly I was thinking about scale, trying to give the feeling that the robot was huge and looming... Its not the most dynamic illustration, and certainly, a low angled extreme viewpoint would have strengthened the idea of scale etc. But I wanted it to be a landscape piece at the same time, trying to capture the idea of these huge mechanical robots emerging from the fog. I was also thinking about limited colour palette. I am quite the fan of a limited palette, perhaps because of the sense of design it gives to an image. I prefer sepia, or black and white photographs to full colour due to the overall feeling they give to an image - it can be quite powerful. I think this is why I like limited colour palettes in paintings. Either that or colour scares me haha!

But seriously... I reckon a good painting, drawing, artwork, has a strong sense of design about it. What I personally mean by that is, the artist is choosing the elements that work to convey the message, idea, concept... its a process of problem solving in a way. Solving the problem of how best to convey a concept. In this sense it has much in common with graphic design, and perhaps product design... all these things have function, and their function is defined by design.

Im rambling.

More art coming soon. I have a few images ready and waiting to post, but Ill save them for another day... dont want to reveal everything at once now, do I?!

Until next time

Ken :D


Tyson Murphy said...

great comments, i love the painting! your work is really nice

Scott Altmann said...

very nice design on these ! And I like your sentiments too :)

RAWLS said...

Very nice my friend! Great book too that Mechanika. Mr. Chiang is a master.

Ash Collins said...

hey dude
on DA my name is RadSavij XD

Shawn Escott said...

Hey Ken! I have Doug's book too and agree that it is amazing! He walks you through all of his processes, but makes it look so darn easy! Yours turned out fantastic, are you going to do more?

Ken said...

Tyson Murphy: Thanks mate! Cheers for dropping by :D

Scott Altmann: Thank you, much appreciated!

Rawls: He is a master indeed... full of good advice aint it! Cheers!

Ash Collins: Gotya!

Shawn Escott: Haha he does make it look easy! One of the best books I ever bought on a spur of the moment impulse. Thanks, much appreciated! Yes I reckon Ill do some more at some stage, those big spidery mechabots are just so darned fun to draw :D

Ash Collins said...

i like it!
more huge mech please lol

Ash Collins said...

dude how come one of my blog posts is linked at the bottom of the comments?

Mazlow said...

Nice composition. Great design. I get a sense of the end of the world drawing nearer. If its not too much trouble, I'd love to see more progression gifs of your work flow :)

Awesome stuff.


Michael Plummer said...

I love this, do more!