Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dragon... part 2!

Yo! Wassup!

A month or so back, I posted a sketch I did of a dragon. Well, I was looking at it the other day and realised... it was a bit rubbish. I kinda liked the general pose and design of the dragon, but the colour was very rushed, the details were... non existant... and it looked fuzzy and over saturated. 

So, today I changed it! I gave it more of a story too. Much happier now... I dont know why I thought my previous one was finished, even for a sketch. I was in lazy mode obviously! Being lazy is something Im very good at, and its something I am trying to change, drawing wise. My laziness means I rarely finish a piece (unless Im getting paid for it of course) and it means I never really invest a great amount of time in something to get it right. So thats one of the things Im working on recently... patience. If you want to create something more substantial, you need patience. I reckon a lot of creating good work is having the patience to work at it, and not rush through it without thought of execution.

I could still do more to this piece, and probably will. But I always find by leaving it aside and coming back to it, I can see how to improve it easier. So we shall see what the future holds for it!

Thanks for visiting 

Ken :D


Chris Boyd said...

Wow. There's so much I like about this. I like the little bit of rim lighting you have on the people. The translucency of the wings is fantastic. The modeling you've achieved in the rendering of the dragon's head is rally nice. I love the atmospheric perspective of the scene. And last but not least, the simple graphic approach you used for the texture of the mountain the dragon is standing on is very cool.

I think that about covers it :)

Abz said...

Thanks ken! :)

TJ Lubrano said...

Ciaoooooo Ken! around the wings!! How did you do that! It looks soo soft and pretty ^_^. I love the dudes who are trying to attack this beautiful creature. I already loved the first one, but this one is soo much more improved and polished! Amazing job!

Be warned about the next email ^_^!


TJ Lubrano said...

Oh and you know, sometimes you need to be be patient again ^_^. Yes just wanted to say that haha.

Oh and Lord Hats...that's the friend I was talking about, the one who lives in Scotland haha.

Chase Standley said...

I really like the direction you went with it. The translucent wings add a lot.very nice:)

Ryan Bullard said...

Wow great stuff man, glad I found your blog

Tyson Murphy said...

whoaa man i love this.. great composition. Makes me want to try something similar :)

Nadia said...

I totally rock at being lazy too o.O But anyway, love what you did with the dragon. those poor guys dont stand a chance!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

AWESOMENESS !!!! Mountains of Awesomeness!

bee said...

Hey Ken - your work is amazing! Thanks for stopping by my blog, lovely to 'meet' you! Shame we didn't get to meet while you were in Melbourne, are you planning to come back again? This dragon totally rocks, I agree with what you say about leaving a piece for a while before finishing it - often you see things that need changing that you otherwise would have missed if you hadn't stepped away from it for a while. Great work!

Djordje Zutkovic said...

Awesome! I really like drawings that depict a scene. They have more of a story to them. This one is great, love the composition!

I agree with the your thoughts of patience, so true.

Ken said...

Chris Boyd: Thanks for the kind words mate! And thanks for noticing all those details haha... it makes it worth all the hard work!

Abz: no worries!

TJ Lubrano: Thanks TJ! I did that with a large, soft brush, set to low opacity, with light touch on the old wacom - if yer interested! Oh I hate the first one haha which is why I did this one. Cheers for the mail - be warned, reply comin soon ;) Hey, new avatar! And wow... deep. Impatient to be patient. Yeh perhaps youre right! And no way! Lord Hats lives in Scotland??? How come I have never seen him! I imagine him walking around with a multitude of hats on his head...!

Chase Standley: Thanks mate! Cheers for dropping in :D

Ryan Bullard: Thank you! I will be checking yours out soooon!

Tyson murphy: Thanks mate! Would love to see what you do :D

Nadia: haha glad Im not the only one. Although I think laziness, in some cases, is underrated! Thanks!!

Vanessa Brantley Newton: Cheers! Much appreciated

Bee: Hey! Thanks for dropping by - I will reply you on your blog I reckon. Youre right, its good to take time away and return afresh. Sometimes we get blind to a piece if we stare at it too long!

Djordje Zutkovic: Thanks! Yeh totally, Im starting to make my work have more of a narrative recently instead of just a character concept etc. It makes it much more interesting to paint also!

Jonathan Hoffman said...

I really love the narrative of this illo - and my favorite part of the dragon is the fact that his head is very different than the cliche looking dragon lizard head. He looks quite a bit nastier and more ominous, like a fish you find in some deep dark cave

Emerson Fialho Art Blog said...

Fantástica ilustração, amigão!
Parabéns!!! :D