Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Generic Game Character!!


Something a bit different again. Im trying to beef up the concept art part of my portfolio, and aim slightly in more of a "gamey" direction rather than animation purely so I can target games companies for work. Hence the muscle bound dude with the big gun and armour. 

The idea behind this guy was something like Running Man meets Unreal Tournament, American Footballer meets err... man with a mini gun?

Im not much into guns by the way. Just for the record.

Anyhoo, my aim with this piece was to create something more like game concept art, and to do something more realistic than my usual cartoony style. Trying to push those boundaries! Its hard to break old habits, but I think Im getting somewhere... I might go back and add some details and try to spice up the costume etc. But for now, Im leaving it. 

Thanks for listening/watching! Im off to London, be back in a bit.

Ken :D


Toby_K said...

Hey, thanks for your comment I really appreciate it. Please follow me and I hope you like my future work

Mark Montague said...

Nice piece. I like the scar tissue on the flesh and the dents in the armour. Games developers love that level of detail.

vivian lai said...

sweet! i like where you're headed!
and it has been a while!! glad to see u've been pretty actively posting!

have fun in london! :)

Adrian Lubbers said...

Very nice Ken. I really like the Spider bots piece by the way. Great atmosphere. Doug Chaing is the man too!! Keep them coming!

andre medina said...

you have some awesome work!

Crips Pink said...

Nice stuff as ever, how are things ?

A_M said...

Oh my Ken!!!!!!!!!!!

He's a good Gamers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you Friend....

Adam Temple said...

Sweet, keep em comin!

Ken said...

Toby_K: No worries dude! Sure Ill follow you - follow me back! :D

Mark Montague: Lets hope so mate! Im hoping to get some more game art work in the near future. Cheers dude!

Vivian lai: Hey nice to see you back! Thanks for the kind words. Lets hope the active posting continues... !

Adrian Lubbers: Thanks mate! Yes he is goood. More coming soon!

Andre Medina: Thank you, much appreciated!

Crips Pink: Dude!! Hows it goin? Long time no see... things are ok, I am now a struggling freelance artist! but it sure beats the 9 to 5 - how about you? Will be stopping by your blog asap!

A_M: thanks! haha cheers for dropping by!

Adam Temple: Thanks, will do!

TJ Lubrano said...

Wow! He has a fierce attitude! I like it! I don't know much about game development tho, but I can definitely see this dude running in the new version of Metal Slug or other shooting games ^_^. I like the details in his face too!

La voyageuse said...

I really like it. He looks like a character we could find in the Left4 Dead game. :)