Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Illusionist news...

Image copyright Pathe

Just a quicky...

Good news for all those American bloggers out there! The Illusionist has been picked up by Sony Pictures Classics and should be in a cinema near you sometime at the end of this year... You better all go along and cheer when ya see my name in the credits haha! And everyone elses of course :)

For more info, check this link: 

Alrighty, back to the grind.

Ken :D


TJ Lubrano said...

Ken! Ken! I can't see the picture. Don't know why tho, I just see 'image copyright Pathe' and when I click on it...access is denied on my server -_-'.

Either way! I will still cheer of course ^_^. Still got those pompoms you gave to me, so I have to use it. Ciao!

TJ Lubrano said...

Oh exciting news! Well for me hehe...I saw that the animation will come to the Benelux (that's including the Netherlands) as well ^_^. Woohoo!

LeMark said...

hey Ken thanks for the head up!! i cant wait for this feature to come out!!!i was scared that it wasnt gonna come out here in the US. looking forward to seeing it
best regards,

GhettoFab said...

oh man I cant wait to see this!!! So excited !

Congrats and will be lookin for your credit and tellin everyone I know you

Pablo said...

Awesome News Ken! I'm so looking forward to this. I'll be cheering for ya!

bee said...

That's awesome Ken yay! Must be so exciting to see your work up on the big screen :D

Chris Kennett said...

Hopefully it'll come down under soon too. Can't wait to see it!

Ken said...

TJ Lubrano: You cant see the image?? thats ok.. It was stolen anyway haha., Maybe some kind of internet restriction. Haha you better use those pom poms! And thats great news! So it will be in a cinema near you?? Sweet! Thanks for the heads up :D

LeMark: No worries! No need to fear now, its on its way! haha! I hope it doesnt dissappoint. Enjoy it mate! :D

GhettoFab: Lets hope it lives up to everyones expectations! Its a bit different from Belleville, more subdued, less crazy! haha nice one man. Tell them you know the guy who drew frame 20115 lol

Pablo: Thanks dude! Im just happy its gonna be shared with the world! For a while we werent sure what was happening with it, its exciting stuff!

Bee: Yeh it is! Although of course I cant take credit for it at all, I played a small role in the film production. But its still exciting!

Chris Kennett: Ill let ya know if I hear of anything, I hope so too! I want my family and friends out there to see it :D