Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Junk Monster


A new illustration, a fairly quick one, didn't take too long. I had the idea yesterday while doing something random and thought it would make a cool image. Continuing from what I've mentioned before, Ive started to let the narrative define the art. In the past Ive just thrown up a character concept or a little sketch, which has no real narrative to it. Thats fine, but it lacks depth... I found my work was superficial, devoid of meaning. I would pursue technique without thought to concept...not any more! From now on, Im aiming to pursue both concept and technique. Its a pretty obvious thing really, but somehow, I missed that bus. 

Also... this piece isn't what I would consider "finished" in terms of everything being rendered out nicely etc. But when does a piece become finished? I guess it depends on the style... a loose style, or tightly rendered. For me, Ive been caught in the tightly rendered trap, thinking that I should tighten up the image as much as possible. (Im not saying I did this, but my mind was thinking I should be doing it) However, I am trying to break free of that - Im a big fan of the work of John Singer Sargent. The last time I was in Edinburgh, I went to the National Gallery, where Sargents "Lady Agnew of Lochnaw" hangs. This is probably my favourite painting... studying it up close I realised how loose Sargents painting was,  how the brush strokes could be seen, how, with the exception of the face, the rendering wasnt "tight" at all. It blew me away - and made me realise, you dont need paint every detail. Whats important is the impression. Just like Impressionism... 

I think thats one of the dangers of digital art. The ability to zoom in on an image so close, means we can sometimes get caught up in the details. From now on, Im going to try a more impressionistic approach where it works. I think this piece may be a first step on that path...

blab blab blab blab blab

Until next time!

Ken :D


TJ Lubrano said...

Ciao! I saw a short video of Bobby Chiu few weeks back talking about a technique he used with digital drawing. "the two window technique" He also gave advice that if an illustration looks good from a distance, you're good! And then you can add details in it. If you start focusing on details in the beginning, you can lose the overall feeling of it. You heard about this? If not, I think I have that vid in my email somewhere, I can forward it to you ^_^.

I love this illustration! I didn't notice the eyes first. So after studying the two dues and the bird...I saw the eyes!! How cool is that haha! I just love it if you see new things when you look at illustrations.

Lord Hats, is usually undercover...and of course I'm interested in how you create these illustrations ^_^. I'm still after your abilities....remember? Hehe


TJ Lubrano said...

Oh and yes. New avatar...for now haha. I thought I would switch it up for a while. What's up with two comments every time -_-. I seriously need to think before I post it!

RAWLS said...

Looks great bro! Nice rant too. haha

bee said...

I totally agree about leaving things loose and fresh sometimes... depending on the project of course. I think sometimes it can actually have the opposite effect when you get too finicky about details - it can actually suck the life out of an image. This one is ace Ken! Love the concept and the story within the image :) Oh and another year before you are back in Melbs? Well, make sure you let me know anyway and we can have a beer or two hehe!

Pablo said...

So Cool Ken. I really love how this came out. Man I wish I wish I could digi paint. Something I'll eventually try. I'm so old school. lol. Keep em coming Ken love your work.

Brandon said...

Very nice! I'm a Sargent fan as well. Sad to say I've only seen prints of his work. Thanks for the insight and the great painting. Glad to see you're exploring concept. I think it's the most rewarding part of painting. I'm going to try and be loose on my next one. Someone's gonna have to pry the stylus out of my hand:)

bog_art said...

Hey Ken!.. long time without seeing you!.. it is great you are trying new concepts in your artworks, and it is even better if you have a great master as Sargent as inspiration.. a big hug from here!..

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

You are so darn funny. Hilarious. I always love your work. You leave me inspiration with each illustration.

Philippe Gaulier said...

Hi Ken,
Cool picture :)
Also, I am looking forward to "The Illusionist"! All the artwork I have seen so far is looking amazing!

Megan Nicole Dong said...

Lovely illustration and wonderful blog! Sargent is a great painter to draw inspiration from as well.

By the way I can't wait to see "The Illusionist;" I'm very glad they will be playing it in the States :D

Kei Phillips said...

Fantastic new posts! always enjoy my visits to your blog! :D

Ma-ding Tosh said...

Awesome stuff man!

Chris Boyd said...

Nice. This looks like the beginning of a great story.

Adrian Lubbers said...

I'm with you Ken. i get caught up in details so fast I lose sight of the project. Love this one though. Very Iron Giant kinda feel.

Joseph Lee said...

Ironically enough, I think the "looseness" helps represent how we really see through our cone of vision more. Beautiful work Ken!

theartofpuro said...

Thanks for the comment!Your style is amazing!

Sandra Ní Chonaola said...

ooh, really nice! it took me a mintue to see the monster, he creeps up on you... but thats a good thing ;)

Hope your keeping well.

Djordje Zutkovic said...

Awesome! I agree, narrative increases the depth and interest of a piece of artwork, something I want to work on too. I'm really liking these scenes! Great stuff!!

Steph said...

You're glad you found my blog? I"m glad I found YOUR blog! I love your latest piece, great staging!

Danny Araya said...

Wow, I've been struggling hard with both concepts lately. Narrative in your art and impressionism. I wish you the best!

Manoj a menon said...

what i like the most about your work kenny is the vibrant colours..
how do you get that freshness..?
i really liked the but the colours are so 'out of the world'.
damn cool and hey i liked the dragon too..
cool rant btw..

your friend
( i should be here very often..cant afford to miss your updates)
kudos for your comments too

Alina Chau said...

cool painting

Dam Ferreira said...

Very nice man!!
Congratulations! I like it!!

Marcelo Vignali said...

I like the humor.

Ken said...

TJ Lubrano: Hey! Yeh I think I saw that video! Its a good point, and one I sometimes forget about when I am working. Thanks for reminding me! Buts its true. General to specific - if the general is wrong the specific will be very wrong!

haha thanks! Yeh I wanted the eyes to be less obvious, and for people to discover it. For sure, finding little details in an illustration is one of the best bits for me as an observer, so its nice to put them in there for others!

Under the cover of a large hat?! haha, not sure my abilities are worth having, but I will upload them to my blog for download next time!

TJ Lubrano: You again! haha. Yeh its a model-esque avatar. I always thought of using a photo of me as mine, but I would just scare people away lol

Talk soon :D

Rawls: Thanks dude! Rants always make me feel better lol

Bee: For sure, it does depend on the project. I know what you mean! When I worked in animation, I always prefered the rough animated drawings before they were cleaned up - once cleaned up I always felt like they lost energy. Its the same thing with painting! Thanks for the kind words - for sure, Ill let ya know, maybe we could do some sketching over that beer! :) I miss Melbourne so much...! Thanks for visiting :D

Pablo: Thanks mate! Man, I love old school! Keep doing what youre doing its ace. Im so tempted to delve into traditional art again, but I know Im not good enough to make money from it, so for now I have to stick with digital. But one day!! Cheers mate!

Brandon: Thanks! Shame youve only seen prints - they really dont do him justice. Having seen a few of his paintings, its truely inspiring to see them in the flesh. Youre right, it is the most rewarding part, in essense its story telling. haha yeh, its easy to get carried away with all those details and making things look tight. Looking forward to your next masterpiece! :D

Bog-art: Hello! how are you? Thanks mate, yeh gotta keep things fresh! :D

Vanessa: Aw thanks! Much appreciated :)

Philippe Gaulier: Thanks mate - yeh its looking nice eh? I hope it lives up to everyones expectations :D Thanks for visiting

Megan Nicole Dong: Thank you! And cheers for dropping by :D Im glad too! Make sure you go see it when it comes out, I hope its worth the wait :D

Kei Phillips: Thanks Kei! Much appreciated :D

Ma-Ding Tosh: thanks dude!

Chris Boyd: Cheers mate! Maybe I should develop it into one...

Adrian Lubbers: Thanks! Yeh, its a bad habit of mine... its so easy to do so though isnt it! Cheers for dropping in :D

Joseph Lee: Good point! Because what we see with out eyes is never 100% detailed... especially in our peripheral vision... hmmm interesting! Thanks mate!

Theartofpuro: cheers! thanks for dropping in :)

Sandra Ni Chonaola: haha yeh! Thats what I was intending - thanks! How are you btw??

Djorde Zutkovic: Thanks for the kind words! Glad you agree with my ramblings... lol

Steph: I sure am! thanks for coming by and for the kind words - much appreciated! Ill be back to your blog soon for more wonderful work :D

Danny Araya: Thank you! And yeh, I am continually struggling with them lol... practice makes perfect!

Manoj a menon: Thats interesting that you mention my colours, as I always find them to be slightly dull. For this piece I did work into the junk pile with a colour layer to bring out some colour. I also used the dodge brush very sparingly for some highlights, maybe its cheating! haha. Thanks though, glad you like em. And thanks for dropping by, its always appreciated my friend :D

Alina Chau: Thanks!

Dam Ferreira: Thankyou! Cheers for dropping in :)

Marcelo Vignali: Thanks Marcelo - I always liked humourous pieces!

Adrian M Mulryan said...

really loving your paintings man, keep up the cool work

Peter Breese said...

Very cool buddy.

Flomize said...

very nice,
awesome colors

Jonathan Hoffman said...

i think you definately managed to keep this one more 'impressionistic', and I like how your use of lighting really draws the focus where it needs to be. The silhouetted foreground adds a cool composition to the rest of the painting