Monday, April 12, 2010


Eh up bloggers!

Hows things? Hows life out there? Good I hope!

Continuing with my exploring different things theme, heres an environment sketch. Environments are something I dont feel Im very strong at... Ive always been scared of them, thinking, I cant do them. But really, the only reason I cant do them is because Ive never really practiced them. Ill be honest, I was never really interesting in drawing them in the past, hence the lack of practice. But it would be silly to not develop environment skills as an illustrator/concept artist. Luckily, my interest in drawing them has been awoken recently and its something I intend to do more of.  

I think at the moment, the hardest part of drawing environments, is getting a good sense of scale, a good balance of colour, texture and value and a strong composition. But Im working on it. 

Thanks for dropping by folks, until next time,

Ken :D


kyle said...

really cool work Kenny! looking forward to seeing more :)


Carl Knox said...

awesome ken! I totally know how you feel!.. when I first started out I was all "I'm just going to draw cool looking characters".... and now I realise to really give a piece mood you need to put that character in an enviro.

Love it! Great composition too, wanna see more!

Djordje Zutkovic said...

Nice! I digg the vastness of the surroundings! Cant wait to see more!

Wayne B. Medina said...'re better than me lol! geez i guess i have to do one up to show you ha!

TJ Lubrano said...

Ciao Ken! Woohoo *high fives back* Yes. I read your reply hehe.

I love environments! It sure does determine the mood of the whole drawing. I love the greatness of the rocks and waterfall in comparison to that little jungle person on the bridge. I love the waterfall...I want to jump in it...but I'm afraid that wouldn't be a good idea -_-.

So it seems you can do anything, if you put your mind to it ^_^. Keep creating these please!

Oh! I shall tell you more about my uncle another time and respond to a few others things hehe! Stay tuned!


Justin Rodrigues said...

Beautiful! Great composition.

vjarumugam said...

Hey Ken,
thanks for visiting the blog. you have great stuff going on here. would love to see more explorations on environments. loved the scale of it. more!

Mark Montague said...

Don't know what you are worried about Ken. It looks great.

Ken said...

Kyle: Cheers mate! :D

Carl: Yeh man! So true... character is not enough sometimes. And its always good to expand those boundaries! Thanks dude!

Djordje Zutkovic: Thanks!!

Wayne B Medina: haha no way man!! Dont be so modest! :D Your work is hot, I wish I had your drawing skills!

Tj Lubrano: Ciao! hehe wow you must be the only one haha! Youre right, environment can be key to mood etc. Thanks TJ, and yeh I wouldnt recommend jumping in, youll hurt yourself when you smack your computer monitor haha!

Anyone can do anything when they put their mind to it I reckon :D Thanks for the email btw!

Justin Rodrigues: Thanks mate!

Vjarumugam: Thankyou! Yes I intend to do more... so watch this space!

Mark Montague: Cheers dude! sometimes things just fall into place...

Abz said...

I love the angle and the colours.... its just so well done! Bravo

roby said...

beautiful colors and beautiful compositions

SKIZO said...