Monday, May 03, 2010


Eh up!

Had a bit of a rubbish weekend art wise... I was feeling on a roll, then I started to get sore eyes from looking at a computer too much, and lost a lot of enthusiasm! Lesson to be learnt here: take breaks, and occasionally do something other than drawing. Like go for a walk. Play guitar. Or eat breakfast... at the end of the day there is more to life than "art". Is this heresy? For someone who claims to be an artist to say there is more to life? I like to live balanced, with many interests. It probably means that I could be putting more time and effort into my art, and probably should be at a level beyond that which I am. But hey, like I said, for me personally there is more to life, and therefore are sacrifices that have to be made. If my art suffers as a result, then so be it... what does everyone think?

Anyway, managed to eventually get this speed painting out after a lot of failed attempts of producing anything. 

Hope everyone had a good weekend, and for those on bank holiday - enjoy!

Ken :D


Carl Knox said...

Hey mate! this one looks like you had some fun with it. :D

My latest one had 3 failed attempts before I dropped a 1-point perspective in actually thought about what I was doing. :D

check out this guys blog; some good nuggets of gold. He's a melb guy:

Scott Altmann said...

nice speedie ! Nice sense of scale

vjarumugam said...

loved the feel of it. and your junk monster is awesome. thanks for visiting the blog man.

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Oh don't I know the feeling! LOL!!! This is off the chain fabulous and I wouldn't want to see that robot near me. This is stellar!!!!

stefanie said...

Oh you are so right about this! How is it called? Work-Life-Balance...
Love the picture too! Hope you are well after a nice sunday's walk! :)

Chris Boyd said...

This piece has a very cinematic feel to it. Very nice.

You now, some artists live for nothing but art. Others strike more of a balance, which is good too. I think it comes down to what ever makes you happy. After all, that's ultimately the be happy. Right?

And your work doesn't really seem to be suffering. :)

GhettoFab said...

awesome to see you flex those muscles Ken!

I think its in the failed attempts that give our successes that sweet and savory flavor

Thanks for the smile today. Back atcha :)

Ross Love said...

Love the shot dude! You make it look so easy!

murf said...

Great work!

TJ Lubrano said...

Hello! Yes. You gotta eat at some point ;). There's more to life indeed, but you need to break out of your routine and experience it. I'm a big victim of this! I tend to get stuck in what I'm doing, whether it's school stuff or drawing...hours pass by and I forget that I didn't even went outside :| dad asked one day if I was hiding....'Noo dad, I wasn't hiding'...*sigh*. It's a constant battle in finding a balance with your available time and the things you need to do.

You have a knack in choosing the colors in your illustrations! Love the warm feeling this image has, like the whole place is on fire. I'm glad that I'm not one of those troopers...I would be running in circles!

You know, I think if you've never failed, you will never experience the feeling of real success if somethings goes right. It makes it all worthwhile!

Yes. If you see a large hat when you walk's probably Lord Hats hehe. You would scare people away with an avatar as yourself?!...I doubt that haha (remember the key chain...). Ha! model-esque! Why thank you.

Take care & stay tuned!

PS.: I double checked before I posted haha! No more 2 comments hehe. Otherwise...stalker alert :|

Djordje Zutkovic said...


Yeah I totally agree, life is more than just making art. Its all about balance!! Gotta experience the other great things life's got to offer!

I really like this painting, nice composition!

Ash Collins said...

personally, i cant get enough art!
i go to work, look after my baby, hang out with my fiance, and clean. any free time i have i try to draw - i used to play videogames or play guitar, things like that, but there's no time anymore!
i also waste way too much time fannying about on blogs and Deviantart. the internet has helped me develop a lot artistically, but it aint half a distraction!

Nathanael Lark said...

Now there's an internal struggle that I can definitely identify with! I agree that balance is important but as committed artists we feel guilt over time away from the work. Likewise, I often look at my work and think of how much further along I would be if I gave up everything else. As ludicrous as it sounds I didn't realize that other artists felt this way. The struggle feels so personal. Thank you for posting this! It's very encouraging!