Wednesday, May 26, 2010

King Diminutive

Hello! Not got much to say today, but just throwing out some new sketches over the past few days and hopefully days to come. I always find after working on a freelance project which takes up most of my time, I feel more inspired with personal work and just end up doing a lot more!

Until next time

Ken :D


Anonymous said...


Ms. Pastecchi said...

LOL Very cute..I think his crown weighs more than him!

AVS said...

muy buenos trabajos

Jeremy Elder said...

Very fun - I'd want a scepter that tall too if I was so short.

Djordje Zutkovic said...

Sweet! Its nice after doing some freelance work to sit down and do up some sketches for yourself. Nice design!

Chris Kennett said...

Tiny Kings, gotta love em!

Brandon said...

Glad I stopped by. Love the recent additions. You have such a knack for character design. Crowd piece below is amazing!

Jesse said...

Wow great work Ken! thanks for the comments on my blog. Looking forward to see more of your posts.

Tyson Murphy said...

i love him. i want one!!!

Ken said...

Pato: Thanks!

Ms Pastercchi: Haha I think you are right! Cheers :D

AVS: Muchas Gracias! :D

Jeremy Elder: Haha yes! As would I. It would make me feel a lot better :)

Djordje: Yeh for sure, its a great feeling! Thanks mate!

Chris Kennett: For sure! Wish I knew more lol

Brandon: Thanks Brandon! Hopefully one day Ill have the knack to draw as awesome as you :D

Jesse: Thanks Jesse! Cheers for dropping in :)

Tyson: haha a pocket sized one?