Monday, May 31, 2010

Magic Mushroom


Another speedy... well, it started as one, and I ended up tweaking it for a while. So I cant really class it as a true speedpaint. 

Im really trying to push my colours. Colour is something I feel I need to improve a lot, so Ive been reading up on colour theory and application and doing some studies. Lets hope its fruitful!

More coming soon!

Ken :D


Nadia said...

dawww, what a happy lil shroom ^^ I think your colors rock btw, but knowing the science behind it can never hurt ^^ Good luck!

Chris Kennett said...

Cuteness! Colour and lighting are spot on! I likes.

Search White Pages said...

Wow, that is very cool. I appreciate your skill. The colors are very much perfect.

Michael Plummer said...

Beautiful, hope you're well!

Claudio Cerri said...

I love the feeling! See you soon, Ken!

maarten said...

haha this is genious.. brilliant coloring and funny as hell. you didnt happen to visit amsterdam without hitting me up right? hehe.

BMX photo said...

good design!
keep up the good work!

Shane said...

What a cool little mushroom. Really nice work Kenneth - Delicious lighting!
Shane =)

Justin Rodrigues said...

looking great man. Love the mood and colors here! keep em coming.

Ms. Pastecchi said...

Super cute!

Chris Boyd said...

Instant smile! I love it.

OneSickIndividual said...


Kiki said...

Hey Ken, I love your paintings! Really beautiful colors and lighting :)

Danarchy said...

Holy crap man I ahvent been to ur blog in a while, I cannot believe how good your painting abilities have gotten!

Derick Brooks said...

sweetness man love the lighting

R.Dress said...

This is great! For what it's worth I think your well on your way with how you handle color.

Mirella said...

Wow, cool!!!

Francisco Martins said...

Hey Ken,
Amazing stuff as always man!
Cheers from Lisbon

Ken said...

Nadia: Thanks Nadia! Yeh for sure... Probably read about colour theory a million times but its all in one ear out the other!!

Chris: Cheers dude!! :D

Search: Thank you! Much appreciated :D

Mick: Nice one dude - you too! Get home ok??

Claudio: Thanks mate! indeed!

Maarten: Thanks dude! Oh no! haha... I wasnt in Amsterdam... lots of magic mushrooms there huh? haha!

BMX: thanks! Much appreciated!

Shane: Cheers mate, thanks for dropping by! I had a quick look at your blog, awesome stuff. Ill be sure to drop by in the next day or so!

Justin: Thanks dude! :D

MS Pastecchi: hehe cheers!

Chris boyd: Nice one! Glad it brought a smile :D

Onesickindividual: Thanks dude!!

Kiki: Thank you! Thanks for visiting, its much appreciated!

Danarchy: hey man, thanks for the kind words! Wish I could see it myself haha. Will have to drop by your blog, its been a while!

Derick: Thanks mate! :D

R.Dress: Thank you! I do hope so haha. Getting there slowly!

Mirella: thanks!

Francisco: cheers mate! Always appreciated :D

Anonymous said...

sunlight kills mushrooms.. ): that little guy would be dying haa. next time make the light source a glow or somethin.. maaad props to you tho, its still badass