Friday, June 25, 2010



Its been a while. Been pretty flat out with freelance work, but managed to squeeze out a speed paint today! Still trying to get faster at sorting out tone, composition etc. Wasnt sure where to take the colour in this one though ... critiques are most welcome!

Thanks to everyone for the kind comments - Ive not had much time to stop by everyones blog and reply, but over the weekend Ill make sure I do!

Until next time,

Ken :D


bee said...

Hey Ken! Been a while indeed... but great that you've been busy with freelance work :) Holy crap I know I say this every time but I just can't believe the amazing stuff that comes outta your brain and into the artwork... magic! Even your speed paintings manage to get mood and atmosphere and so much drama packed in there. This one is no exception! Sorry can't offer you much colour advice... subtle hues I don't do so well hehehe! Crazy, in-your face colours on the other hand..... :D

Abby said...

Good to see you're doing well! Awesome speed paint, by the way-- I love the sense of scale in it~

Carl Knox said...

love the glowyness to the piece ken. :D

Peter Breese said...

Very cool buddy, really like the light work on this and the general feel. Keep rockin the freelance!

"TORI CAT" said...

"Cinticks Wacomed"!!!
Check out the comment i left on your face book!!
Had a blonde moment... hoping i can get away with being dislexic for that one!! ;)

Swwet pic dude!!
As always love your stuff!!
Great colour and lighting, only crit as your asking, is maybe the bridge coulda have a little more perspective on it. maybe coming a little bit more towards the camera.... but its not a biggie!!
Like iv said before, why the hell your not working for Pixar or one of the big american big boy studios yet is beyond me!!
Your stuff is fantaboluss dude!!! YOu ROcK!!!
bye for now!!

RAWLS said...

wow! That's awesome bro! I love the scale and lighting!!

L ROSSI said...

Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner - really appreciate your comment.
By the way, Neomis are sending me to Ink to help out 4 a week, so we can have a catch up!
Hope all's good with you.
As always, your blog AMAZES me........ If I could marry a blog an have kids with it and grow old together, this blog would be the 1!
I echo Tori - next year go to Annecy and show your suff to da big boys.

maarten said...

beautifull as always, your paintings tickle the imagination.. inspiring.

yeah i got rejected at the french school unfortunatly, but looking back it makes sense. I mean look at my portfolio, not a single non-edited drawing in there.. more of an illustration portfolio rather than animation.
but hey ill keep going no matter what, i definitly learned a thing or two here.

Any comments or critiques on the drawings? I think i am improving on the fact that im starting to use less straights than before.
also, do you think its a good thing to strengthen my traditional drawing?

Wayne B. Medina said...

man ken you are just killing it on backbrounds! *inspired*

justdoodleit said...

Super scale and gorgeously lit!

Tamara Patrick said...

This is my first time visiting your blog, I'm gonna follow your work. Really like your drawing style, you're very talented :)