Sunday, October 24, 2010


Hello hello... another post, would you believe it?

I did this a few weeks back as a demo for an educational book, hopefully it gets made. Wish I had had more time to spend on it, it could have done with a bit more TLC... ah well! Onwards and upwards!

Gonna be crazy busy for the next wee while... but hopefully post again in a couple o weeks!

Ken :D


Djordje Zutkovic said...

Sweet! Thats some nice line, is that pencil? Really nice job with the fuzzy hat!

Nadia said...

cute! i like her outfit, looks very autumn fashionish

ARI said...

Very very beautiful

Aaron Ludwig said...

Wonderful piece. Great personality!

messytimbo said...

cool! this is nice man.

Kristian said...

No T L C needed. It's so good, Ken
The shoes, really complement the outfit.

Kiki said...

This is so cute! You work is so appealing and fun to look at!

"TORI CAT" said...

Hey Kenny!!

WOW!! Yu have such good fashion sense!! ;) hee hee!!
Your girls always look so dapper!! I could do with taking some lessons from you. ;) heehee!!
Any hoos, Lovely drawing, like always. Very pretty and i love the colours and the odd scattered leafs. It looks very autumy!! :D

Hope your ok? YOu should have told me when you were coming to london. I would have loved to have seen you.
Oh well, come back soon!! I'll take you round the london tourist hot spots, and of course we can go back to the grand old lions. (Awww, such wonderful beasts!)

Take care dude and speak to you soon.
Big Squishy hugs!!.xx

Abz said...

Dude! Its beautiful-- such...a mood. I feel like I know her, or want to chat with her! Haha..she looks like a cool Paris-born kinda artist!

Visit me, will ya?

Justin Rodrigues said...

Very nice! Simple and elegant. I love it!!!

Danarchy said...

Is it wrong to hate how good you have gotten?

Fei-o said...

aaah...autumn/winter fashion huh? ;)
Do you prefer drawing girls or guys more?

I think I prefer drawing much more interesting! (yeh so I'm sexist)

L ROSSI said...

Love it - agreeing with the others on their comments.
Saw your Titeuf too! Lol, that was him older right? Bob's was pretty funny!
Hope things wrap up well over there!
Take it easy

TJ Lubrano said...

Gorgeous mister! You will never believe this...sister bought exact same shoes haha! Ciao!!!

Margarida said...

She's so cute, love the colours..

david benzal said...

Cool drawing!!


Ken said...

Djorde: Thanks mate! yeh it was a pencil line drawing scanned and then coloured in photoshop, with some tweaks along the way :D

Nadia: Cheers! Yeh it was based on some autumn photos I saw :D

ARI: cheers!

Aaron: Thanks mate!

Messytimbo: Cheers Tim!!

Kristian: Thanks Kristian! Ive made my peace with it haha. :D

Kiki: Thanks :D

Tori: Hey! How are you? Thanks for your comment, this is me just getting around to replying :D Ahh I used reference for the fashion direction lol. Its not like in my head or anything!! haha. Thanks tori much appreciated :D

Yeh Im good! Sorry I forgot to get in touch, it kinda slipped my mind that you live in London! Next time for sure, we can try and get a crew together :D Im sure Ill be back down at some point probably in the new year! I do like to visit every now and then :) So Ill be sure to let you know next time

Hope you are good! Fill me in with what youre up to! Hugs, kenny

Abz: Thanks man! haha chat with her? Maybe get her number? haha.

Justin: Thanks dude!

Danarchy: Yes it is! haha.. youre pretty good yourself bro ;)

Fei: heyy good to see you here :) Yeh autumn winter is the best fashion :D Hmmmm I dont care really, I just like drawing interesting characters, male or female. But yeh, maybe female more :D

L Rossi: Dude! Thanks man! Yeh... my titeuf drawing was a bit shite to be honest haha! Yeh bobs was cool. Ill be finished at Ink very soon! Lookin forward to it :D

TJ: No way! Did she? Amazing... haha!! Thanks!

Margarida: thanks! :D

David: Cheers dude!