Sunday, October 10, 2010

London sketches

Hey hey hey...

Its been too long... but I've been way too busy to update. I've taken too much on work wise! Anyway, things should calm down soon then I'll get back to proper blogging. In the meantime some sketches from my recent trip to Londonion. 

Ill be back soon folks! looking forward to catching up with everyones blogs

Ken :D


Djordje Zutkovic said...

Sweet! Good to see ya back! I experienced the same thing! Sweet London sketches!

messytimbo said...

these are lovely dude. it was great to finally meet you. sorry it was so brief.

Nadia said...

these are nice! love the lion!

Justin Rodrigues said...

Great stuff. I love that Lion.

Kristian said...

hey Ken,
It was fantastic meeting you away from the Blogasphere!
How is the great Andy? Say hi from me
Great drawings by the way

Megan Nicole Dong said...

Wonderful sketches, Ken!

L ROSSI said...

Missed you!

Kiki said...

Hi Ken! Thank you for stopping by my blog, your work is so inspiring! Lovely paintings and such appealing characters too! I'll be sure to check back often :)

Sorrentino said...

Its looking good!

Marcello Souza said...

fantastic your blog!! great job!!!

Marcello Souza said...
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tinylittlesandra said...

Hooorrraaaah! Good to have you back among us!
... really like the Trafalgar Square Tiger. Looking forward to more :)

Ken said...

Djordje: Thanks dude! Thanks for coming back after all this time :D

Messy: Thanks mate, it was a pleasure. Film is looking great btw, hope the presentation went well :D

Nadia: Thanks Nadia!

Justin: Thanks dude!

Kristian: Likewise, it was a pleasure! And thanks for the kind words

Megan: Thanks Megan!

Laurent: Dude!!! haha thanks for dropping by! How is Parreeeeee?!

Kiki: hey thanks! and no worries, it is my pleasure :D Look forward to seeing you again

Sorrentino: Cheers!

Marcello: thankyou! Much appreciated :D

Sandra: Heyyy! How are you? Yep Im back to bloggin.... not quite as regularly as I would hope, but keeping things ticking over at least :D how are you?