Friday, December 17, 2010


Hey! Just a quick sketch... nothin special. Man Christmas is almost upon us... expect a Christmassy post soon!

Ken :D

PS: Here is a teaser trailer for the film "Titeuf" I worked on... its in French though!


L ROSSI said...

Hey dude!

Your 'quick sketches' are still something to me! :)

I'm all good - how about you?

Are you still at Ink? You haven't been snowed in the studio, trapped, destined to work over Christmas??

Speak soon,

P.S heres a link to the Titeuf Trailer

Megan Nicole Dong said...

Nice drawing, Ken! I like his big ears :)

Jason Newkirk said...

looks awesome man!

Emerson Fialho Art Blog said...

Muito bacana a tua ilustração, parabéns!

Fica com Deus e Feliz Natal para você!

Abraço cordial.

Jez Tuya said...

Love it man! And thanks for dropping by my blog dude! I really appreciate it :)

Amok said...

hey thanks for stopping by my blog.

Really love your painting style. I might try something like this see how I do.

Ty Carter said...

Nice sketches! This teaser is hilarious....and its french, loved it

Nadia said...

That trailer is soooo cool! :D

TJ Lubrano said...

Hey there mister! Going blogging mad indeed hehe ;). The trailer is looking really cool!!

You looks a bit like someone got him off guard and he's hiding something. Then again, it also looks like he's just standing there, waiting for something ^_^.

Talk to ya later!

Ken said...

Thanks everyone for the kind words, its always appreciated :D

Laurent: Ah man shucks! Im good mate, noo I finished at Ink, Im now back in Glasgow for the holidays :D Thank goodness for that! Yeh I saw the trailer, good to see its all coming together! I actually quite like the colouring style too now :D

Tj: haha yes, I am back!! (strikes pose) Ahh I love reading stories into images... lets go with the first one and he is hiding something behind his back - I like that :D

Amanda said...

Nice work on your blog! And thanks for the comment. What a small world, I also worked on Titeuf but only for a few months right at the end 8)

Amanda said...

My boyfriend and I got to animate on it for a little bit, and yes, we were working with Paul 8) I see you're located in Scotland...does that mean you cleaned up or coloured on it? It was crazy how many places had a hand in the film! :D

Amanda said...

I read your profile after I asked what you did on it, lol! Cool stuff!
Yeah I'd love to see it sometime, we might end up having to download it if it doesn't get released here, which it probably won't.