Friday, December 31, 2010

testing testing...

Alrighty so Ive identified areas in which I need to improve on and my major area is environments... so expect a lot from now on! Heres a rough one I did tonight. Its ok, but as soon as I start thinking about more dynamic viewpoints etc I come out in a cold sweat... and colour still aint natural to me yet...

Ah well, practice makes perfect!

If I dont post before new year, happy 2011 everyone! Best wishes for the year ahead. Looking forward to another year of blogging, and thanks once again everyone who spends time dropping by and checking out my work. Its always appreciated. 

To the future!

Ken :D


Megan Nicole Dong said...

Very nice! Hope you have a happy New Year!

L ROSSI said...

B-E-A Utiful!
I want to go there!
Depth, Colour, Composition (Even the birds are directing my eye!)......

When I grow up, I wanna paint just like Kenny! Maybe that will be my New Years Resolution :)


Nadia said...

You too happy new year! And the painting is awesome, look forward to seeing more environments from you!

Emerson Fialho Art Blog said...

Muito bacana, parabéns!
Feliz 2011!

Ole Christian Løken said...

Happy New year mate!
lots of good stuff here!

GhettoFab said...

awesome Ken! Love how you push your self

best to you and yours in 2011!

Amok said...

dunno about you but that's a pretty awesome env't, man. haha


Fabian said...

Happy New year Ken!! To me, this seems perfect!! But you are your best critic and you know what you want so can´t wait to see what you do next, man! :)

Brandon said...

You're braver than I my friend. I avoid environments at all costs. Keep it up!

Gulzar said...

You are just on the right track buddy,
Try thumbnails and then move into larger scale and finally into digital. Trust me, I still dont know backgrounds...but I always try to push myself :)

Seeing you try here, makes me wanna do more stuffs :)

Always a pleasure to hear from you.
Love from India

messytimbo said...

Yo kenny! dude what ya talking about! your the king of environments :) you always create so much depth.

i'm good. not touch the film since October, partizan was to busy. but were going back in on the 10th to finish off that sucker.

Chris Halls said...

Hey man, the only thing I can suggest is you create a bit more contrast between elements.

Kind of done it with the foreground grass blades, maybe more white in the sky and the chinese thing darker and its shadow. Also, I'd probably add a few more dark spots where the forest meets the lake.

Not that I'm an expert, but contrast is always a problem with colour. Might be worth doing a painting directly from a photo...?

Anyway, hope you're good man, keep at it.

Freckles said...

Nice atmosphere created here :)

DrawDoll said...

This looks great :) I think you're well on your way to becoming an awesome environment artist.

Christina Dee said...

gorgeous work Ken!! it's so peaceful to look at and the colors you chose are very serene. I'm with DrawDoll, you're well on your way!!

Happy New Year to you too, I look forward to more of your art! :D

Anonymous said...

Really nice atmosphere you've captured here Ken.

david benzal said...

Cool Paint!!
very deep, awesome.

See you

Ted Blackman said...

Nice foreground element that leads our eye into the center of the canvas, and great atmosphere. Wow!

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andrewQuintiliani said...

Really nice feel to it. I hope you do more environment stuff.

Ryan said...

soooo good! really like your stuff, great inspiration.

Yizard said...

oh yeah men!!! your concepts are awesome, the colours of ilustrations are beautiful and powerfull, congratulations

bye bye

Dave said...

Looks cool!

Anonymous said...

Love the work... by the way, I have the same probs when doing environ illos, now I always make a quick model in SketchUp (very rudimentary) and pick a dynamic angle - ta da! makes life a lot easier :o)

The Deep End said...

Makes me want to go there.

Sorrentino said...

This is great. Very atmospheric and subtle .

tinylittlesandra said...

Sooooo puuuurrrrdddyy!

tinylittlesandra said...

Love your new banner too by the way, looks super nice!

Jampix said...

Awesome stuff Ken :)

Howard Shum said...

Nice environment!