Sunday, March 13, 2011

Coming up for air...

Im beginning to sound like a broken record.... but its been a while! I had like an hour to spare so I doodled this and posted it up. Just to keep the old blog in motion!

Anyhoo been working on some cool projects as of late, some of them should be out in the open soon, so Ill be sure to blog about them when I can!

In other news - As most of you probably know, The Illusionist was up for an Oscar a week or so back - unfortunately it didn't win, but by what everyone has told me, Toy Story 3 was a ruddy good film and well deserving of it. So well done Pixar (again) I should check out TS3 I guess haha! But at the end of the day, it was exciting for the Illusionist to be nominated. 

Anyhoo... back to the grind for me. Thanks again to EVERYONE who stops by and for all your kind comments and support. It means a lot as ever. 

Until next time (hopefully sooner than later :D) 

Ken :D


Emerson Fialho said...

Muito bom trabalho, parabéns!

messytimbo said...

Very nice Kenny. I wanna know about these project :)

Hope your good

L ROSSI said...

I miss you Kenniieee! I'm getting withdrawal symptoms... :(
Good to hear you're really busy though,
Take it easy,

kyle said...

nice work Ken!

cool to here your working on projects, looking forward to hearing about them!


Ted Blackman said...

This guy's got a face made for radio.
Nice silhouette!

Shane said...

Nice dude!
Yeh, Toy story is brilliant - best of the three I'd say. See it!
Shane =)

C. Siemens said...

They do call the animation Oscar the Pixar Award for a reason these days. That Toy Story 3 got a Best Animated Feature and Best Picture nomination wasn't quite OK with me. Little too much love there.
I suppose it's something European animated features get nominated to begin with. Maybe this is just grouchy ol' me but I've always seen the Academy Awards as an all-American popularity contest. I haven't seen The Illusionist yet but I'd have been floored if Secret of Kells had won last year. (I was secretly rooting for Coraline, actually, because I have a soft spot for stop motion.)

Anyway, here's hoping we'll all be employed one way or another in the future.

libra bear said...

KKEEEEENNNNIIIEEE, I cant wait to see what you've been up to. Hope your good buddy.

Sami said...

Rocking as ever! Love this guy's badass attitude :)

murf said...

Excellent work; looking forward to the environments.

Sorrentino said...

Congrads with the Illusionist! Love the rendering!