Saturday, April 09, 2011

Drawing Inspiration and other things


Well now. Just thought I'd share this, its a concept piece for a short film idea I have. I've posted concept pieces before for short film ideas which never go anywhere, but I'm hoping to stick with this one. However, whether time will be on my side is another issue. Theres a few things in this image I need to change, like the door and some details, but overall it captured the mood I was after. I'm not going to say too much about my idea as to be honest, its early days and it needs a lot of thought. But this was fun and I thought it was worth sharing!

Speaking of short films, a couple of mates, Wesley Louis and Timothy McCourt recently finished making their own short film (an inspiration behind my decision to make my own) and its now up online for all to see. DO check it out. I think its awesome. Lovely animation, lovely design and great little story. Here's the 
film on youtube - make sure to give em some love!!

Until next time, 

Ken :D


Scott Altmann said...

love the concept piece-nice atmosphere to it . short film? sounds pretty interesting and ambitious! Hope to see more about this.

Emerson Fialho said...

Incrível! Muito bom!

G1toons said...

layout looks great, yeah and wes and tims short is nice, check out the interview i had with them if you did not already at animation orbit

Mukpuddy said...

Nice work dude!

Ken said...

Thanks folks, much appreciated!

Scott: Yeh, I'm hoping I can find the time to get it done! And hoping its not tooo ambitious :D

G1toons: Cool man! I had a read - its weird seeing people you know interviewed. I can hear em talking in my head... :D

messytimbo said...

Thanks for the big up man! The image looks great. can't wait to hear more about the project!

Fawn said...

You worked on The Illusionist!? That was one amazingly beautiful film. Well, I got super sad after watching it, but amazing nonetheless!

Megan Nicole Dong said...

Love the concept design! And your friends' film is absolutely beautiful.

Good luck on your own short film, that's exciting to hear that you'll be making one!

Dave said...

Cool concept sketch! Nice feel and ambience to it.Thanks for sharing the link to the "Drawing Inspiration" short. I had seen the "making off" video and couldn't wait to see the finished piece. Now you've got me waiting to see yours... :)

Ken said...

@ Timbo: No worries man, hows things going anyhoo? Any big contracts for a feature yet?! :D

@ Fawn: Yeh I did inbetweening and clean up on it. I agree I loved the character designs and animation, but yeh it was a bit melancholy! Nice change from all the other animation out there tho I reckon :D

@ Megan: Thanks! And Ill pass that on :D ahhh now... Im feeling inspired to make one. Whether it will happen remains to be seen! haha!

@ Dave: Thanks dude! Oh where is the making of? Id like to see that :D Its a great end product tho isnt it? Ahhh dont hold out for it lol!

Dave said...

Hi Ken. I saw the making of over at vimeo, here's the link,

It's well worth checking out!