Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday night painting

Hey hey...

Friday night here. I had nothing to do, so started doodling in photoshop, and it evolved into this! Good colour practice I guess...and I kinda like it... wouldnt mind living there!

Ken :D


"TORI CAT" said...

Love it kenny!!!!
Some times the best pics are the ones that are not planned!!! :)
Can i come live with you too!! It looks like a fab place to live!!! :D
Hope all is good!!
By the way...LOVED suckapunch!!! good job dude!!!
I wanna be a kick ass chick with a gun!! just gotta learn to dance like baby doll first! ;)

The Deep End said...

This is so amazing. You are extremely skilled.

tom said...

Very cool. Under the house looks like a loop sonic the hedgehog would be proud of!

L ROSSI said...

Awesome work Ken!
Love the colours, design, style and the sense of depth! Yumm

ARI said...

Fabulous one! Thanks for sharing.

Emerson Fialho said...

Maravilha de ilustração... Muito criativo, meu amigo! Parabéns e sucesso!!!

Ross Love said...

Hey man! Wicked posts as usual, Always inspiring!

Chris Kennett said...

Woah! All this from doodling? Awesome work mate.

Erika Worthylake said...

Fantastic as usual. I always feel like I learn something when I check out your work.

Hannah said...

Wow your work is awesome man - I just hope someday my finished pieces of work look as good as this 'doodle of yours. : ) And you worked on The Illusionist???? That is such a beautiful piece of film - that is so very cool that you worked on it! Keep up the amazing work and thanks heaps for sharing it! : )

Ken said...

Hey, thanks everyone for the kind words and support, its much appreciated as always!

@Tori: Thanks Tori! Yeh I like spontaneous drawings :D AHHHH you liked suckerpunch? hahaha... well i didnt work on the film, only on the short animations. ANd I didnt like the film much haha, but I can imagine you as one of those suckerpunch girls! Hope you are well btw, I still owe you an email, sorry, Ive been a bit distracted! chat soon :D

@The Deep End: Thanks dude, it means a lot!

@Tom: Hey Tom! Haha yeh man, I should draw a little hedgehog in there in homage.... :D

@Laurent: Thanks dudddddddde! :)

@Ari: Cheers!!

@Emerson Fialho: Muito obrigado meu amigo!

@Ross Love: Thank you dude!

@Chris Kennett: Ahhh it started as a doodle! Ended up as a Friday night in lol, thanks man!

@Erika Worthylake: Thanks that means a lot! Thing is, not always, but most of the time I always learn something when I do a new piece... I think this is the first painting I've ever done really where Ive been fairly happy with the general colour and lighting. Cheers!

@Hannah: Thanks very much, I really appreciate the kind words! Ahhh I would consider this on the way to being "finished" but Im always to lazy to tighten stuff up too much haha. Glad you liked the illusionist, yeh I did inbetweening and clean up on it. Thanks again, and thanks for dropping by! :D

Megan Nicole Dong said...

Nice one! I love the shapes :)

Shane said...

I love this frame! Such a cool house!
Shane =)