Saturday, April 30, 2011

Monster bath!


This is most definitely a work in progress, I'm gonna go in there and tweak bits and sort out some issues. But as a "speed paint" I'd say its done.

Until next time!

Ken :D


L ROSSI said...

Dude! I love your work soooo much!
Colours, design, painting technique.... This is awesome.
PLEEEASE tell me your all booked for Annecy!? I want you to go and have all the big wigs fighting over you!

L ROSSI said...

..And speed paint?? This would take me forever to do! What do you deem a speed paint? :/

Emerson Fialho said...

Seus trabalhos são simplesmente fantásticos, Ken!
Desejo-te parabéns e muito sucesso.

Abraço cordial.

Scott Altmann said...

looks great so far- can't wait to see what you do with it. Dig the design on the monster a lot!

Logan Pearsall said...

very cute.

Amok said...

hahaha that's awesome. i enjoy the colours you use

ARI said...

Really nice and charming

Joseph Lee said...

This is speed painting! You're a bastard. :) Love the absolute charm to this painting.

Dave said...

Nice one! Looks like a funny character.Great colours, I love the soft treatment of light.

Ken said...

Laurent: Ahh man thanks so much! You're too kind :) As for Annecy.. it doesnt look like I'm going! :( I think I've left it a bit late. Hmm I might look into it... but I'll defo go next year, tho I doubt any big wigs will be fighting lol!! And er... I think I mis-communicated. "speed paint" as in, it wasnt really. I guess took about 3 or 4 hours? A speed paint to me would be 1 or 2 hours. What I should have called it was a "Lazy paint!" haha!

Emerson Fialho: Thanks dude!!

Scott Altmann: Cheers man! I did some minor updates on it, but not posted it. If you wanna see it tho, its in my portfolio to the left :D

Logan Pearsall: Cheers dude

Amok: Thanks buddy! :)

Ari: cheers!!

Joeseph Lee: haha! Like I said to Laurent, its not really a speed paint, I think its in limbo between a quick paint and a finished piece. And thats where its staying lol! Thanks dude!

Dave: Thanks mate!!

Pierre Collet-Derby said...

ahahah Love it !