Friday, May 06, 2011


Just felt like drawing some animals. Trying to expand my portfolio and I noticed a severe lack of four legged furry things.

Ken :D


L ROSSI said...

Awww cool :)
I'd love to see an expression sheet for the dog middle-left... she looks really nice and animatable!

Magnetom said...

Awesome stuff, man. I especially like scratchy up in the top right corner. Rachel informs me however, that without corgis or daschunds, your dog collection remains average at best... Not my words. Keep up the good work, you're truly an inspiration.

Ken said...

Laurent: cheers dude! Yeh, I might do that actually, could use some expression sheets in my portfolio! I wont be animating her tho lol. wayyy too lazy for that nonsense haha!!

Tom: Hey man! Thanks for dropping by! And for the kind words :) Rachel may have a point! I havn't even included any border collies in here! Silly me. Thanks man that means a lot :D ... oh... awesome avatar btw! LOL

Emerson Fialho said...

Espetacular, amigão!
Os cães ficaram muito legais!
Abração e sucesso.

Jez Tuya said...

These are sooo freaking tight, bro! Love it!

"TORI CAT" said...

As always ken, you never fail to impress me!! :D
I absolutely love theses!!!!
I especially love the expression of the itchie doggie having a scratch!!!
Im currently working on some doggie doodles my self... So much fun!! i miss my doggie.... They truly are mans best fwend!!! :D

Nadia said...

I just saw the Illusionist, it was amaaaaazing! Congrats for having been able to work on that, was really cool to see your name in the credits!

And your doggies are awesome too ^^ They look goofy and cute!

Christina Dee said...

Long time no see!! AMAZING work Ken! I love these dogs, so much personality. The middle one on the left side is my favorite, he's so cute!

Loving all your recent paintings too. Really dig your painting style. Keep up the great work!! :D

libra bear said...

The one having a scratch is my personal fav. So much character in it, cool designs overall. Hope your good man.

Justin Rodrigues said...

Ha! great stuff. I actually recently did the exact same thing. Very nice man!

reub-envision said...

:) I am glad you needed some more 4 legged critters