Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Desert Island Discs


The nice folks at Saga magazine came back for more illustration from me, this time on a feature about Desert Island Discs. Here is the end result! (Minus text and headings etc) As always, I wish I had had more time to really nail the faces and poses, but it was a bit tight! Ah well. It should be in this months Saga magazine (January's) if any of you subscribe ;)

Coming soon.... some sketchbook sketches! OH YES!

Ken :D


Nikolas Ilic said...

Nice! Love the colors... makes me want to go on vacation!

Ronnie said...

Awesome one bro!!!! \m/

Gulzar said...

I so agree with Niko, lovely colours bro.

How have you been bro?
Thanks for dropping by.

Nadia said...

Very cool! I'm excited to see the sketchbook sketches though!

L ROSSI said...


Alexiev said...

Great island... It reminds me the film director Kusturica...

Best wishes from Buenos Aires...


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Shyam S. Deshpande said...

DAMN ! So much kickass stuff you have posted mate..didn't visit here since long time..just WOW !
Super awesome stuff !
keep up the great work !

thanks for the kind words at my blog mate :)


RAWLS said...

Beautiful work bro!! Great details! I love the last posting to. That'd make a cool bookmark!