Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lunch time doodle

Just a wee lunch time doodle!

Ken :D


Jason Newkirk said...

all the latest sketches are really really great!

Jesus Lopez Pastor said...

nice character and nice colors,

christelle said...

wow..nice charadesign.

Michael Doig said...

Nice sense of motion and cheerful lines. Keep it up sir :3

Kristina Bustamante said...

Your character designs have massive appeal. And I love your choice of colors. It's very inspiring!

Ken said...

Jason: Thanks mate :)

Jesus: thanks!

Christelle: thankyou :D

Michael: Why thank you old chap! :)

Kristina: thanks very much, that means a lot!

Ty Carter said...


Love the Samurai below as well!!

Rico Jackson said...

Thanks for the comment on my forest piece Ken! Ps, I love this drawing! Great shapes and volumes =]

Christina Dee said...

Hey Ken!!

It's been ridiculously long! I finally updated my blog haha. Your art just keeps getting better and better, I love the shapes and lines of this jolly fellow. And as always your girl characters are looking cute :)

Looking forward to seeing more!