Tuesday, May 15, 2012


From the old sketchbook. Not quite what I intended to sketch. Sometimes I have difficulty getting whats in my head on paper. GRRRRR. 

Apologies to any Samurai out there - I only quickly researched Samurai armour. I like to do my homework - next time it will be better!

Ken :D


GhettoFab said...

I've given up on ever bein as good as u. Figure leave it as a dream.....and bask in your goodness

Cheers from across the pond

Jez Tuya said...

These are ACE, Ken! You've been busy :)

Ronnie said...

cool works man!! :)

Ken said...

GhettoFab: Lol, man thats exactly what I think when I visit your blog! Spooky! :D Cheers man

Jez: Thanks man! Yeh making the most of my free time :D

Ronnie: Cheers dude! :D

Norman Hundert said...

Yes! I really like coloured sketches... Maaaaan...dammed good!!

Bryan Sims said...

Awesome, I love your work!